Want to learn more about makeup, skincare, and hair?  

Awesome. Because that's exactly what I will show here on my blog. 

MakeupbyMaame was created on March 27, 2015, as a place to help women of colour learn more about finding the right products for their skin tone. This blog has slowly, but surely become an important guide for beginners in the beauty industry. This is a fun, positive, and inspiring place because I believe teaching should not be boring. 


Well, I did. My name is Maame Animah-Gyebi and I am the beauty and brains behind this blog. I created this blog because I wanted to help women like me, who wanted to try a product that has been hyped by our vanilla sisters, and I was not able to find other beauty blogger or vloggers who were the similar skin tone as me. One day, I had an idea and thought about creating this blog. It is the perfect platform to help women who are struggling with finding the right products. Don't worry, I did not forget about my vanilla sisters. I know, it is also difficult to find some products for some of my fair vanilla sisters or even caramel sisters. Though we are not all the same skin tone, this blog will help provide a basis to find the right shade for you no matter your skin tone. As a reader, you will learn tips and tricks, that I have learned through my makeup journey. You hear my opinions on hype products and if it is worth spending your coins, and guides to help understand what is out there in the beauty industry. 

As for me, I started becoming a makeup enthusiast at the age of 17. I know late, but I never thought I needed to wear makeup. The first thing I learned was my brows. I am now, 22 years old, and in the past few years I have learned so much, and I wanted to share with you what I have learned.  There is a lot more to learn, but this blog is here for us to learn together. I would not call myself a professional makeup artist, but I have been told my friends and family that I should I get my license, but I don't know about that yet. That is what I want to disclaim, I am not an artist, therefore sometimes I will get some things wrong, but it okay, because I am still learning. 

Y'all, what to know the juicy stuff, don't you. You wanna know my personal business, right. LOL. Well, I am the oldest of three girls. My sisters and I age gap is pretty far apart. My sister, Nana and I are 5 1/2 years apart and my sister, Ohemaa and I are 12 years apart ( I know crazy age gap). Both of my both parents were born and raised in Ghana. I was born and raised in the 6ix (because of Drake), Toronto. That makes me, Canadian-Ghanaian. I have only been to Ghana once in my life, I would love to go again and visit my family. I am currently single and have never dated before, expect grade 6, but who counts a one-day relationship, cause I don't. My family and friends describe my personality as loud, creative, outgoing, and sociable.

I currently hold a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Women and Gender Studies from Brock University, Class of 2016. I also hold a diploma in Early Childhood Education (Honours) from George Brown College. My end goal is to become a teacher. I love kids and I want to help shape their mind and see them change the world. 

I hope you got to know me a little bit better. I hope that you enjoy this blog, I am working hard to make this blog better. If you love my blog so much, then please become a avid reader (followers) that would me so much to mean. It free's, no monthly fees, lol.