The Ordinary Coverage Foundation Review | Under $10, Is it Worth it?

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Hi, Dolls and Gents

So, you all have heard of The Ordinary. A skincare line that is under DECIEM believes in simple ingredients and luxury ingredients at affordable prices or that the CEO of Deciem (made a few comments, not going to fall into beauty community drama, so let's move on). The Ordinary becomes very popular about a year ago and I have featured some of their products on my blog.

I recently got my hands on The Ordinary Coverage Foundation. I want to try more affordable foundations and products to share with you guys. Let's get started with this review.

The Details 

Coverage Foundations are full-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations contain higher pigment levels than our Serum Foundations but still offer a smooth finish that avoids the heavy makeup look that can make skin appear more aged. The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream. 

The pigments used in these formulations are treated for a rich, highly-saturated effect. These pigments are suspended in or proprietary spreadability system that allows pigments to look natural on the skin, resist collecting within fine lines and stay on for longer. The foundations offer a semi-matte finish and are compatible with most primers and are designed to work exceptionally well with the primers offering from The Ordinary. 


The packaging of the foundation comes in a small plastic bottle with a pump which locks the pump when it twisted. The bottle has a rubbery texture and the pump is a rubber black matte.  The package is a simple, fuss-free and travel-friendly. 


This foundation has a medium coverage to a buildable coverage. This foundation is a full coverage, this foundation is more on the medium coverage which is perfect for me. It covers any dark spots and acne spots.

Price + Purchase

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation is $6.90 CAD/ $5 USD for 30 ml, which is 1 fl. oz. This is the standard amount for a foundation. You can get this foundation at your local DECIEM stores, DECIEM website, or Beautylish.

Shade and Range 

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation is available in 21 shades. The shades are divided into three categories: 1 for fair to light tones, 2 for medium tones, and 3 for dark/deep tones.  Each category is classified further by a second digit from 0 to 3 to indicate depth in each category. Finally, a letter is added to the shade code to identify the undertone: P (Pink), R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively; N indicates Neutral; Y indicates Yellow. Three of the shades have an additional letter at the end: S indicates Silver highlights and G indicates Gold highlights; these shades use natural-looking and exceptionally fine dispersions of metallic effect pigments for added highlight.

The shade that was closet to my match and seems to match me well is 3.2 R. This shade does have a red undertone but it is not a strong red undertone that is noticeable. I have a neutral-cool undertone, so my skin has a red undertone but not a super strong one.

The Ordinary can work on expanding their shade range. 21 shades is a good start but it is not good enough. There needs to be more colour for fair skin people, medium skin tone, deep skin tones, dark skin tones and extra dark skin tones.

Application + Consistency + Finish  

The consistency of the Coverage foundation is a thick liquid foundation with limited to no run. When you shake the bottle, you would assume the consistency is a bit runny but it is not.  

For the application, I applied two ways, with a duo fibre brush and a beauty blender. Both applications method works perfectly with this foundation. I tend to apply this foundation with a brush rather than using my beauty blender. This is just my preferred way as of lately.  The foundation does not dry down fast, so you have enough time to work it into the skin. It applies smoothly on the face and leaves you with a natural kind of finish.

The finish of the foundation is a semi-matte finish. It has a bit is lustre to fit but it, not a strong dewy finish, which is perfect for any skin type. It is lightweight on the face and you don't feel the foundation on the face. It does have a bit of hydrating properties in this foundation.

The foundation does have SPF 15 so it may cause some flashback. The foundation also does not oxidize a lot, but a little. When it is completely dry, the red undertones is more noticeable but it is not a strong red undertone.

Shade Comparison 


I wore this foundation in a course of three days using different primers and powders. I wanted to give this foundation a fair shot so I applied how I normally wear my foundation on a daily basis, which is setting it with powder and using a setting spray. 

I got the same result over the course of three days wearing this foundation. I wore this foundation each day for about 15 hrs.  My oils started to come through the 3-4 hr mark, grant my skin does this every foundation. I blotted once during my during my lunch break and never blotted again. Around the 6 hrs mark, my oils started to come through a little but not a lot to blot and I was on my way home from work. I wear this foundation in two different temperature. The mall is warm with the heater one and outside was cold. The foundation did not change in the different temperatures. It looks the same for when I was outside to when I was inside for 6 hrs working. At the 10 hr mark and up, my oils had come through. But the foundation did not break down on my nose.

I wore this foundation again for a fourth day, just to make sure that. This time around I used a different setting powder and a different application. I applied the foundation with a beauty blender and it looked like I got more coverage with a beauty blender then the Jessup Duo Fibre brush.  I used the Black Opal Soft Velvet Setting Powder. I got the same result as the other three days. Though I wore this foundation for 15 hrs, my oils broke through around the 3-4 hr mark, again my skin does this for every foundation. Again, I blotted once and went on about my day. There is a little flashback, I won't wear this on a night out, more of a daytime foundation.


Overall, trying this foundation over a course of four days allowed me to see how this foundation plays with my skin and how it wears. I really like this foundation, I love how it wears on my face. This foundation gives you high coverage for under $10. I recommend this foundation to anyone with any skin type. It is a semi-matte finish, which is perfect for dry, normal, oily and combination skin types. I recommend you guys giving it a try and see how it works with your skin. 


I hope you enjoyed this foundation review. Please don't forget to comment, share and follow my blog. Also, follow my Instagram @_makeupbymaame. I will see you in the next post. 



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