Tarte Shape Tape vs. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer | Is this a Dupe or Nah?

Hi, Dolls and Gents 

Today is the day that I finally compare the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. We all know that Shape Tape has a cult following, it is everyone holy grail concealer. But, since the release of the Makeup Revolution concealers, people seem to dupe it with Shape Tape. Since I now own both of the concealers and tried them out, I wanted to see if it this is a dupe. 

Okay, let's get started. I will break this down into categories and each category I will talk about the winner of each category and give an overall winner at the end. I will be comparing the concealer from price, amount, shade range, packaging, application and coverage and longevity. 

What is it and Claims to Be 

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer 

It is a vegan, super-blendable formula that instantly helps brighten, smooth and give skin a firmer, more lifted look. 

Tarte Shape Tape claims to be:
  • full coverage with a flawless matte finish 
  • conceals all imperfections and doubles as a contour/highlight product
  • creamy, easy to blend formula that won't flake or crease 
  • helps illuminate skin for lifted effect 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer 

The concealer for everyone. 25 shades from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones. It is vegan and cruelty-free. With long wear pigment 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define claims to be:
  • lightweight yet full coverage to cover blemishes, uneven skin tones, counteract dark circles
  • matte finish that doesn't accentuate fine lines and pores
Okay, so that we have the details down, let's get to the comparison the product.  

Price and Amount 

Okay, so let's look at the price and the amount of product for each value. 

The Tarte Shape Tape is $35 CAD/$27 USD for 0.33 oz = $81.8 per oz
The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define is $9 CAD/$7 USD for 0.11 oz = $63.6 per oz 

Looking at the price and the amount, you get 3x more product in the Tarte Shape Tape than the Makeup Revolution concealer, even though it's cheaper. Comparing the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define to the other concealer I own in my collection, it does have less product compared to the L.A. Girl Pro Concealer is $4 for 0.28 oz, Maybelline Fit Concealer is $10 for 0.23 oz, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is $11 for 0.2 oz. 

Overall, I would say that Tarte Shape Tape wins this category because when looking at the ounces and the price that you pay for the concealers. The Makeup Revolution is the least amount of concealer that you get compared to the other brands and Shape Tape, so you get more bang for your buck with Shape Tape. 


The packaging for the two concealers is actually pretty similar.

The packaging on the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer is a clear tube with a large doe foot applicator with a rose gold lid, which super sleek. Tarte Shape Tape is a clear tube with a large doe foot applicator with a gold and purple chevron lid.

The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer has a large applicator than the Tarte Shape, which to some is better. I don't mind either of the applicators of the two concealers. I do notice that the Tarte Shape does take more product and does make a mess around the lid and the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define does not do that. 

Overall, I would say that it is a tie between the Tarte Shape and Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer. The packaging on both of the concealer is simple and chic, though are some issues with both concealer, they both have functionality. 

Shade Range

Let's look at the shade range for each concealer.

Tarte Shape Tape now has 30 shades concealers. They had 25 shades prior and they further extended the shade range. This is a good shade range for concealer, it has cool, warm and neutral undertones. 

Tarte Shape Tape | 14 shades of the 30 shades | @suslu_tercihler 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define comes in 25 shades five less than Shape. They released 25 shades for the get-go, they did not extend it multiple times. Again, they have cool, warm, and neutral. They also have a pure white concealer, that Tarte does not have for super fair skin or brighten up another concealer or eyeshadow primer. 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Swatches | Photo Credit to www.prettyirismakeovers.com

I have one shade for each concealer. For Tarte Shape, I have 53N Deep, which is a deep shade with neutral undertones. For Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define, I have C13 is for dark skin tone with warm undertones. 

The shade 53N Deep is a little lighter than the other concealer that I own in my collection. Tarte Shape doesn't oxidize at all, so the colour apply is the same throughout. Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define does oxidize a bit. C13 is actually darker than 53N Deep. I would be able to go down a shade in the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer if I wanted and I go up in the Tarte Shape Tape. 

Overall, I would say that Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define wins this category. They both have enough shades for anyone to find the right highlight and contour with and they have also released .5 shades in between some of their original shades, like 12.5, 13.5 and so forth. There is a lot more shades and varies undertones. 

Application and Coverage 

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer applies smoothly on the skin without tugging. It is a medium to buildable coverage concealer, it is not full coverage like the Tarte Shape Tape. The coverage on the concealer is still good for me to cover my dark circles. The finish of this concealer is a matte finish.  I didn't find that this concealer dried down fast, I had enough time to apply it to the entire face and blend it out. If I applied too much of the concealer it was still easy to blend out and it did not look bad under my eyes. It best blends out with a beauty blender or beauty sponge or makeup brush. 

Tarte Shape Tape applies smoothly on my skin without tugging as well. It is a full coverage concealer with a thick and creamy formula that dries down to a powdery matte finish that does not need to be set. The coverage on this concealer is really good and I don't need to set the concealer because it almost sets itself. It covered my dark circles really well and I didn't get a weird powdery finish under my eyes. I do have to say that you have to apply the right amount when you apply too much it actually emphasizes my dark circles and made me look more tired. It also dries really fast, so you have to move quickly to blend it out. It best blends out with a beauty blender or beauty sponge.

Overall, I would say that is a tie between the concealer for application and coverage because I don't mind have a medium coverage concealer and full coverage concealer. I used both for different purposes or looks I am going for. 


The Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define concealer wears really nice after 15 hrs of wear. I did not find any flaking or creasing. It did settle into my fine lines quicker than my Shape Tape. On the other hand, I wore Tarte Shape Tape for about 15 hrs and I didn't get any flaking, creases and it looked the same from when I applied it to the end of my end. it did take it longer to settle into my fine lines. 

Overall, I would say that Tarte Shape Tape wins for longevity. It wore for 15 hrs and I look the same and it took longer to creases and settle in my fine lines under my eyes. 

Is it a Dupe?

I would say that the Makeup Revolution is an affordable alternative to the Tarte Shape Tape. They are pretty similar but very different at the same time. 

All in all, I actually think it is a tie between these two concealers. I enjoy both of these two concealers for different purposes. I enjoy the coverage, formula, longevity, application and everything about these concealers. There are some things I would like to change or can do without, but I really do enjoy both concealers and I am able to enjoy both of them. 


I hope you enjoyed this long overdue comparison concealer post. I also help this help some of you out in what concealer maybe the right fit for you and your needs. Please follow my blog and my Instagram @_makeupbymaame for your latest updates. I will see you in my next post. 



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