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Hi, Dolls and Gents

Today, I wanted to do something new on my blog. If anyone is a makeup lover you would follow @trendmood1 for all the latest release or upcoming products. All though, the release is not the same for us folks in Canada, it gets you excited to know what products are coming out. I have to credit the person who I saw this idea from and that is Too Much Mouth on YouTube. 

Okay, so I will be talking about 10 products and let you know if I would buy, maybe, or pass, I have no interest. Let's get started. I will include the prices of the products if there is any. 

Anatasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette | BUY

ABH is releasing this sultry palette for the holidays and the colour looks beautiful and the packaging is stunning. I am out here trying to collect all the ABH palettes. The shades in the palettes seem pretty universal and a lot of shimmers and pop of colours. I will definitely buy this palette. 

Huda Beauty Precious Stones | MAYBE

Huda Beauty released five new mini palettes and they look gorgeous. Each of the palettes has a colour story, so there is Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, and Emerald. I have never tried the Huda Beauty eyeshadows, but I'm on the fence of trying them out. I hear mix reviews of the mini palettes. It is 27 USD/$35 CAD. 

Colourpop x Disney Princess Collection | PASS

Okay, so Colourpop is releasing a Disney Princess Collection. All I have to say that the collection looks nice, but it is a hard pass. It does not intrigue me what so ever. The full collection is $110 USD/$140 CAD. 

Marc Jacobs O! Mega Glaze All Over Foil Luminizer | BUY

This highlighter looks amazing. The gold foil looks so beautiful in the swatched. The colour is a warm peachy gold. I think it would be perfect for my skin tone. It is $49 USD/$63 CAD. I don't know if I want to pay the price tag, but I love this highlighter. 

MORPHE 35M Palette | BUY 

Morphe released about palette and it looks good. The palette is filled with purples, pinks, oranges, blues and greens which work together beautifully. It is $23 USD/$30 CAD. 


Juvias Place is coming out with a tribe collection. The collection includes 2 highlighters and one eyeshadow palette. I am on the fence because I am interested in the colour selection to see if I will love or pass on it.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter and Glitter Adhesive| PASS

Okay, so ABH is now releasing glitters for the holidays. Finally, they are releasing some glitters, the colours are beautiful. They are also releasing a glitter adhesive to go hand in hand with the glitter. The colours are stunning, but I am on the fence if I would purchase this. The glitter will retail for $15 USD/$19 CAD and the glitter adhesive will retail for $18 USD/ $23 CAD. 

Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Round 2 | HELL YES!!!

Dose of Colors and Desi and Katy is coming with round two of their collaboration. I am so excited to get my hands on these products. When I saw they were coming out with, I literally started budgeting in my head, how I am saving for this. Desi and Katy posted videos on their channels and they swatched all the items and did a get ready with us. I literally excited for this collection. Collection launches on Sept 24/18.

Kylie Cosmetics x Jordyn Woods #BFF Collab | MAYBE

Kylie is coming out with a collaboration with her best friend Jordyn. Now, the collection looks so beautiful. The tones of the collection are very warm and chocolatey, I love it. I never get anything from Kylie Cosmetics because I just don't and I am interested. This collection though caught my attention. The collection includes an eyeshadow palette, a mini highlighter palette, a lipstick and two glosses. 

Artist Couture Diamond Luxe Luminizer | PASS

Artist Couture is coming with pressed highlighters. They are coming out with four shade, which are Haute Damn, Sexpose, Honey Drip, and Glow Money. Each highlighter contains 10 g of product for $38 USD/ $49 CAD. The swatches look really beautiful, but it shades I have seen before. 


I hope you enjoyed this post that touches on the latest releases that are coming out. There are so many releases that come out every day and it is hard to keep track of them and this post is a good way to know if we buy or save money on products. 

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