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Hi, Dolls and Gents

I know I haven't posted in awhile, life happens and we get busy. Anyways, I want to do this long overdue mini haul. I ordered a few items from Boohoo and I wanted a haul for you but I totally forgot about it. So, I am going to keep this intro short and get straight with the information. 

Navigating the Site

When navigating the website, it was easy to found everything. There was a section for women and men. They broke down everything into pages for any items as well as sizing. Everything was easy to follow. The site has all the new additions and collaborations on the front page and the ongoing promotions are right at the top in a bright red font. 

Making My Order 

When making my order there was free shipping over $50 as well as 40-80% off everything. It was a good promotion that was going on so I picked up four items. After I purchased my items, they sent me an email confirmation. The next day they sent me a tracking number. The total cost was $77. The taxes are included in the products 


Shipping, Delivery and Customs and Duties

I placed the order on April 10. It took about one day to process the order. My items shipped on April 6 and it takes about 7 days from delivery. I received my package on April 9th or 10th, I’m not too sure. But it came within the seven-day delivery. Again, like Pretty Little Things, I didn’t pay any customs and duties because Boohoo pays for customs, duties and taxes. 

Items and Prices

I purchased four items and I ended up returning one because it didn’t fit. 


This bandeau is the perfect addition to my closet. I am slowly adding trendy pieces that I will see myself wearing. I typically don't get bandeau because I am not comfortable wearing them. However, when I style them with a denim jacket, I really love how it looks. I also tried with my strapless bra and I prefer wearing a normal bra and just tossing something on top of it.


I got these trousers because I thought they would be cute for work, but as well as dressing them down. I was not expecting them to be a stretchy material. It didn't look like that on the website, but I still love it. It did come with two string sticking up at the bottom and top area, but I just cut it off. You can really dress this up and combine with another piece I got in this haul, it looks hella cute.


This duster is super cute. I wanted a duster for a while now and I couldn't find one that I like. When I saw this one, I had to get it. The only thing that really turns me off for this duster and I quickly fix was this duster is only supposed to be worn closed. You can wear it open because the belt is two different lengths on the ends. So, what I did was I sewed the longer part down to the duster so I would be able to tie it at the back without it looking weird. 


I got this belt because I need a new belt. This is not a one size belt. I could wrap the belt around my waist but couldn't close it. I returned it. 


I hope you enjoy this mini haul that I did. I will be posting a makeup tutorial on Wednesday, so be on the lookout for that. Don't forget to follow my blog, I would love to get to a 100 followers by the end of the year. I will see you in my next post. 

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