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Hi, Dolls and Gents 

Today, I am going to be a mini try-on haul from Pretty Little Thing. I have heard a lot about this website, I have watched a number of hauls and people seems to have good things to say about the brand. 

This brand is a U.K. based brand that is very popular on Instagram. It is owned by the Boohoo company group. It is aimed at 16-24 yrs old. 

I took a looked in the PLT + range and find a lot of cute bodysuits, dresses, tops and pants. I decided to get no more than five items because I haven't tried anything for them before so I won’t spend a lot of money. I will tell you my experience shopping the site, cost and shipping, customs and duties and delivery. Let’s get started. 

Also, I will be doing fashion post a few times in the next two months because I am planning a trip to New York, so I want to have some new fashion pieces and I will be sharing the things I have purchased for my 4-5 day trip.


When I was shopping on the Pretty Little Thing site I noticed that site has all the latest trendy clothing. I also noticed that they had about six different ranges, which were Plus, Petite, Shape, Sport, Slogan, and Premium. They don’t have a tall range, but I believed their items are longer than usual, I may be mistaken. They also have a nice range of accessories, beauty, and shoes. As I was scrolling through the plus range, I found a lot of cute pieces that I would love to own, so I created a wish list of those products to see if I still love them. 

At the time of my purchase, I noticed two promos. I started on the US site when I was browsing and I realized that they had a Canadian site. The US site had a 30% off popular items, but I went to the Canadian site, which is the UK site with CAD pricing, the only promotion was free shipping for the UK. I found that really weird. I also find that if I want to shop and I shop on the US website, I would be paying more than the UK site. I know that is really off. But converting CAD dollar to the US dollar is more expensive for me than converting CAD dollar to UK Sterling Pound. 


When I place my order, there was no promotion that was going. The order process does go smoothly. After I placed my order, they sent me an order confirmation email and the next day sent me a tracking number to track my package from the UK to Canada. I spent $95.99 CAD. 


I placed my order on March 22. I paid $10 shipping fee to get it delivered to Canada. I received an email on March 23 that my items had been shipping and they provide me with a tracking number. Now, here is where things get weird. The tracking number that Landmark Global provided me to track my package was not able to track my package. Every time I would try to track my package, it would say ‘unable to track package’. I found this to be super annoying because I wanted to know where my package was and I couldn’t call customer service either cause they site didn’t have a number. Once my package got to Canada, I still couldn’t track it. Canada Post did not provide me with a tracking number. I received my package on March 28. It took six business days for my package to arrive which is not bad at all. 

The issue I have is the from PLT to Landmark Global, PLT provided me with a tracking number. However, it didn’t work. Once Landmark Global got my package and it got to Canada, Canada Post should have provided me with a tracking number as well. There is a miscommunication with these three companies. From PLT to Landmark Global to Canada Post, there is no proper process to track your package. These companies should be providing me update on my package so I am aware of what is going on. I received my package in a reasonable amount of time but I wish I was able to track my package. 

Now for customs and duties, most Canadians nightmare. I didn’t have to pay for customs and duties because PLT pays all customs and duties for US and Canada. 


This camo skirt is super cute. It can be dressed up or down. The material of the skirt is light and kinda of see-through. If you are going to be shapewear, it will add extra coverage for you. The length of the skirt is perfect, it hits me at the knees. 

This slinky bodysuit will hold you in. When trying this on, I thought I needed to go up a size because it felt so tight on me. However, after close the snaps, it fit perfectly. It is kinda see through, but not too bad. I don’t like to snap closure on the bodysuit, they could have used different ones. The bodysuit is thong bottom. 

This bodysuit is also a thong bottom. I love this basic bodysuit. It fit a little loose. The material is the jersey material, which I was not expecting. It didn’t look that in the photos. I could have gone a size down seeing it was a loose fit on me, but it is okay. Again, I did not like the closure on this bodysuit.

This is my favourite item. This second skin thick ribbed dress is beautiful. It is a great dress that you can dress up or down. I like that the material is the thick. It is not see through and the straps on this dress it average. I would be wearing this with a strapless bra. The length of the dress is just past my knees. The perfect midi dress to wear during the spring and maybe summer time. 


Overall, I didn't have a bad experiece with PLT. I would say confidently that I will be purchasing for here again. I love the fact that I don't have to pay customs and duties. My only issue is the shipping and tracking information. I do recommend you guys checking out this website and seeing if it is worth it for you. 

I hope you enjoyed this post about fashion. I actually had a lot of fun, putting this post together. I never focus on certain things, but becasue I am sharing my experience with you I was a bit more focused so I can spill all the tea. Don't forget to comment, share and follow my blog. I want to get to 100 followes by the end of the year. I will see you in my next post. 

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