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Hi, Dolls and Gents

Today, I will be reviewing my first ever Dior foundation. I have never tried any Dior foundation and I am excited to be reviewing foundation. 

Dior releases this Forever Undercover Foundation and it was the first Dior foundation to have 24 shades than their previous foundations. 

If you would like to hear my thoughts about this Dior foundation and if it worth your money, then please keep on reading. 


Dior Forever Undercover Foundation is a 24HR full coverage water-based foundation with a matte finish. It is suitable for all skin types. It’s a full coverage foundation with a lightweight formula to deliver a natural matte finish for both day and night. 

It contains the highest pigment out of all the Dior foundation. Twice the pigment than the Dior Forever Fluid. A water-based formula creates an ultra-fine, highly pigmented and weightless finish on the skin for 24 hrs. 

The packaging comes in a squeeze bottle with the Dior information on it and a dark navy blue cap. The packaging is quite similar to the CoverFX Power Play Foundation.

The price of the foundation is $52 USD/$64 CAD for 1.3 oz fl. is more than the average foundation amount.  


This foundation is a water-based formula, so it has a runny consistency. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face at all. For a full coverage foundation, it doesn’t feel heavy on the face. It has a natural matte finish to the face.

Application, Shade Range and Wear 

For the application for this foundation was interesting. I applied this foundation at 8:15 AM. When I applied the foundation, I realized that this foundation dries super fast. It was difficult for me to blend it out. I applied three stripes on my cheeks, two on my forehead and chin and one on my temples and nose. I found it difficult to blend out with my beauty blender. It difficult requires working in sections. I did that the second time and it blended out a lot better. I used about two pumps to get the full coverage. I wouldn’t call this foundation full coverage with one pump is more like a medium to buildable coverage to get to full coverage. 

I went to apply my concealer on top the foundation, it was difficult to blend out my concealer which is weird for me. The foundation look grey on cheeks which never happens. Even setting my under eyes with my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder, my under eyes looked grey. Once I applied my NYX setting spray the greyness faded away. 

I checked in on the foundation at 1:50 PM. The foundation has not changed. My oils did come through but it still looked good. 

At the end of the night, the foundation looks terrible. I wore it for 17 HRS. The first I noticed that my nose was not too oily like earlier. However, my forehead and temples were hr most oily, which I did not expect. After 17 hrs my under eyes went to looking back to grey. The Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder looked grey for some reason. Also, my highlight on the top of the cheeks was gone. It looked like flaked off or what, but there was no highlight on my face. I also noticed that the foundation was not blended out the first time because I could see where I placed the first strips. The foundation does transfer after a long day of wear. It didn’t look the foundation faded on my face. 

Alright, lastly the shade range. I tried out the shade 080 Ebony, which is very deep with neutral undertones. The shade range consists of 24 shades, but for the dark to deep skin tone, there are about 4-5 shades. Which tell you the demographic Dior is focusing on. Dior needs to be more inclusive, they can improve on adding more shades to their dark to the deep-dark range. I feel like if they expanded their shade range a bit. I would actually be in between shade 070 Dark Brown and 080 Ebony. 

Shade Comparison 

Here is the Dior Foundation compared to the other foundation I have reviewed. 

Final Verdict

Overall, I don’t love this foundation. I don’t if I chose the wrong shade or that it oxides to a grey undertone. For the initial application of the foundation, it looked amazing. The coverage is there and the finish is there. However, I did face a few problems before. My under eyes were grey and difficult blending out my concealer. I am not too sure where I stand on this foundation. I did get the deepest shade, but I may go back to Sephora and grab the next shade up and try it out and update you guys on the wear of the foundation. This foundation did not claim to be long wearing or oil control, so you can’t really get a long wear with foundation if you have oily or combination skin. 


I hope you enjoyed my review of the Dior Forever Undercover Foundation. I will be posting a bit more review that is long overdue. I haven’t posted a tutorial in a while because  I am dealing with some breakouts. Let me know in the comments below stout thoughts about this foundation and what foundation I should try next? 

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