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Hi, Dolls and Gents 

I wanted to share some plus size fashion sites that I go shopping or window shop. It is hard to find sites here in Canada that offers trendy fashion or ships to Canada for under $20. The sites that I will be talking about some of the sites I browse for inspiration or have shopped in the past. I want to bring more fashion posts on my blog, so I can share my outfits ideas and hauls that may come in the course of time. I’m planning to go to New York in the summer with my friends and I want to do some shopping for the trip.

Okay, so I always look for sites that have affordable fashion. It sometimes hard to find affordable fashion for plus size that I like and I could see myself wearing.  I literally always shop the sale section before I go into the regular price items. 

Forever 21

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Everyone know that Forever 21 is the best place to get affordable fashion that is trendy and in season. I shop at F21 all time. Literally, most of the clothes I owe is from there. The plus size section online is amazing. They provide amazing selections that are in style. I have found I find better stuff online than in store here in Canada. This is one my top stores I shop at all the time. The shipping for Forever 21 is so fast, it is literally like 3 days from when you purchase your items.


Boohoo is a hit or miss for some people, but for me, it has been a hit so far. I have ordered two things for boohoo and I have really enjoyed them. Boohoo always has a sale going one, it is a UK-based retailer that has the last trends on their site and collab with some models and actress/actors. Their recent collab is with Zendaya. I recommend checking out their site for some good deals. There shipping to Canada is not to bad. It is 2-11 days and it has come within that time.


I have been checking out PLT lately and I am really digging on the basics pieces they have for plus size. They off a plus size range as well as a shape, petite and tall. I have browsing there every day just to see the new pieces they have. I placed an order on the site and I will be keep tracking of it and share my thoughts and first impression of the items. If you are a Canadian shopper, shop on the UK site, not the US site, it is cheaper to shop in the UK than the US. You will save a lot more money. 


Again, another site that has amazing plus size fashion. I heard of Missguided from YouTube, A lot of people seems to really enjoy this clothes and I have some great reviews. Though they have a plus size line, they focus me on regular sizing. I find that there is not a lot of range with the clothing for plus size. I haven't heard anything good about shipping to Canada, though everyone experience is different. 


This plus size fashion store is here in Toronto. I believe the only location is in CF Eaton Centre. They also have a site that you can shop on. They have cute clothes, shoes, lingerie and swimsuits. It is expensive to shop at Torrid, here in Canada. I haven’t shopped at the store, but I hear nothing but good things. I not sure if they ship to Canada. 

Fashion Nova 

This is a known Instagram store that has a huge following. They started off making straight sizes, but then added a plus size/curvy line. Now, plus size people can wear the same trendy clothing as everyone. The clothing looks very nice and the quality seems to be there. I have ordered once from this site for a wedding. One thing I can say that it is a trial and error process. I ordered a white dress for my godsister wedding, don't worry she didn't wear white. She did a traditional Ghanaian wedding. But I decided to get a dress in a size 2X, it was too big in my bus area, so I wish a went a size down in the dress. I got it altered but she couldn't do much to it. I recommend ordering two sizes and try on to see what size fits you better. Also, they have started to charge customs and duties. When I got the dress, I didn't pay customs and duties, but they have implanted it. 

That is all the stores I like to browse when shopping. I know there is probably a lot more but some sites shipping to Canada is $19.95 or higher and they hit us with the customs and duties. 


I hope you enjoyed this little fashion post. I haven't posted a lot of fashion stuff, but I want to try on hauls or hauls in general for you and review sites that are probably ships to Canada. I will be posting a spring makeup look this week, it will be dramatic. But, don't forget to comment and follow my blog. I would like to get to 100 readers by the end of the year. 

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