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Hey, Dolls and Gents 

I’ve found myself starting getting into trying more skincare products as of late. I don’t know what has changed, but I want to make sure that I have mastered my skincare. I decided to give my skincare an overhaul. I want to complete change and invest in my skin cause my makeup may look amazing, but my skin doesn’t. It doesn’t look good to me. I have fallen in love with some products that I have tried and I have hated some of them. 

If you been on social media, you probably have heard of the company The Ordinary. The Ordinary is an affordable skincare company that focuses on making it easy to shop for the products you need and making with less than five ingredients that are easy to say and good for your skin. Everyone has heard of Hyaluronic acid, well I have been using The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid has been on trial for about a month or two. It has helped keep my skin hydrated. There are no dry patches and my skin feels well hydrated and balanced. The only thing that throws me off is that it has a stickiness to it. I don’t know why that is, but if you rub too much it forms little white balls, just to let you know. I don’t if I going to repurchase or try out a new one. 

Another The Ordinary product that I picked up is the Granactive 2% Retiond Emulsion. I have been using this for about a month or two and I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I have added it to my night time routine. I have noticed that expression lines on my forehead and laugh lines are not as noticeable as before. But other than that nothing has really changed. I will test it out some more and see where I stand with this product. 
I placed an order on Sephora because I wanted to try more skincare products. I finally got my hands on the Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. This toner is always out of stock and I finally got my hands on it. I have been using this for less than a month, but I noticed that my skin is more radiant and softer. I have to keep testing it out but so far I am enjoying this toner.

I also picked up the Ole Henriksen Find Your Control Oil Control Cleanser in the travel size. This cleanser is perfect if you have combination or oily skin. I have been using for less than a month and I can tell you that my skin feels clean and it doesn’t feel dry after cleansing. It has a mint smell and when you cleanse there is a little tingling sensation. I also picked up the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, again in the travel size. There is a lot of hype around this moisturizer. I actually like the moisturizer, I have been using for less than a month but I like that it is lightweight and a gel consistency. It absorbs right into the skin. 
The last product I picked up from Sephora was The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. I bought is product based on the reviews. This eye serum helps with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. It has helped with my dark circles and the puffiness on my top lid. I have almond hoped eyes, so I wanted to see if this would help with the puffiness on my top lid and I have seen some difference. I have only been using for less than a month.

That is all the products I have added to my skincare routine and are currently testing out. I will do a full review of each product after I use it a bit more. Skincare takes time to notice the difference in your skincare. 

I will see you guys in my next post. Don’t forget to follow my blog to be updated.  

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