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Hey, Dolls and Gents

Today, finally the long-awaited review on  Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Collaboration. I literally have had this collection for a few months now, but what to use it a bit and give you guys a full review. 

I didn’t get the entire collection, I looked at what was best suited for my skin and what I liked and will use most often. If you would like to know what I got and hear my thoughts on the products then keep on reading. 

If you didn't know, Desi Perkins and Katy DeGroot are YouTubers and best friends. They each individual are amazing makeup artists and when they are together they have the most real friendship on YT. 

Their dream collaboration was with Dose of Colors, Anna. Their dream came true and they create this collection. 

The Desi x Katy Dose of Colors Collection 

The Girls Palette | $28 

The Girls Palette includes four metallic shimmer eyeshadow, which two are supposed to be used wet (Suz and Harpoon). Suz is a warm champagne shimmer, Noli is a warm true bronze with gold reflect, Turbosan is a purple based shadow with blue and silver reflects, and Harpoon is a cool-toned green with green and gold reflects. 

Fuego Highlighter | $ 28

Fuego is a champagne gold highlighter.

Mírame Highlighter | $28

Mírame means “look at me”, which is the deepest highlight of the two. It a rose gold highlight with a bronze base.

Over the Top Gloss | $15

Over the Top gloss is a clear flood with gold reflects. 

Saváge Liquid Lipstick | $18

Saváge is a deep burgundy liquid lipstick. 

Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick | $18

Hot Fire is a bright red based orange liquid lipstick.

More Creamier Please Lipstick | $16

More Creamier Please is the darker nude of the two, which is a warm brown-peach nude with a creamy matte finish.

No Shade Lipstick | $16

No Shade is the lighter nude, which is a cool toned peachy nude with a creamy matte finish.

What I Got from the Collection 

I got the Girls Palette, Saváge and Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick, and Mírame Highlighter. 

Now onto my thoughts of the collection.

Ordering and Shipping to Canada 

I placed my order on the Dose of Colors site on October 18th and received it on November 1st. The total of my Dose of Colors Desi x Katy order was $119.42 CAD/ $92.00 USD. The only sucky thing about ordering from Dose of Colors is that if you live outside the US, you have custom and duties. I had to pay $24.87 for customs and duties to get the package, which is so annoying. I ended up spending about $145 on just getting these products. 


First off, you can see the hard work that Desi and Katy put into the packaging for their collection. The theme of this collection is rose gold and glitter. Each box is a beautiful rose gold box with Desi and Katy signature embossed into the box with the Dose of Colors logo. The box you receive the products has a photo of Desi and Katy double-sided photos of the girls slaying their products. The highlighter and shadow palette is a beautiful shimmery gold textured exterior packaging with rose gold interior and both have mirrors inside. The product description is on the back of each product with the Dose of Color logo. 

The liquid lipstick has a soft to touch matte nude packaging with a rose gold cap. The packaging is amazing.

The Girls Palette 

The Girls palette is the most beautiful palette that I have in my collection. This palette is named after the dogs and it is the cutest thing ever. All the shadows are super pigmented and the formula is creamy without any chunks of glitter. Th best way to apply these shadows is with your fingers. If you a shadow brush the payoff the shadows will not pay off. Suz is the most beautiful colour and funny enough is look amazing wet and dry. Suz and Harpoon look amazing when they are wet. Desi and Katy chose amazing colours that can work with every skin tone and also a great representation of their fav colours. The only thing is that Turbosan is not as pigmented on me as I want it to be. If you are the same shade or darker than me, I suggest using a black base to help with payoff against our skin tone. 

Mírame Highlighter 

This highlighter is everything. If you are the WOC you need this in your life. Mírame is a bronzer based rose gold highlighter that looks so amazing. Literally, have been wearing it ever since I got it. The formula of the highlighter is super creamy and pigmented, it melts into the skin. I feel like it gives me the Instagram highlights we see all the time. I suggest using a light hand cause it can go left really quickly. I found that if I apply too much is also looks silvery which is not good on my skin. 

Saváge and Hot Fire Liquid Lipstick 


Saváge is the most incredible vampy oxblood with a red-purple undertone. This liquid lipstick is not drying on the lips at all. It feels hydrating and moisturizing and the wear time is beautiful. It can get about 6 or more. Now, Hot Fire is the perfect summer lips colour and is such a Desi colour. This liquid lipstick is a red based orange-red. The best way I wear this lipstick is using a brown lipliner, especially for Hot Fire just to tone it down a bit, I usually used NYX lip liner in Espresso. For Saváge, I like to use a deep purple lip liner, I usually use NYX Suede Matte Lip Liner in Oh Put it On. 

Hot Fire


Final Verdict 

I love this collection. I love every product that I purchase and I am honestly thinking of getting the nude lipsticks but the customs charges are turning me off from doing it. I am so proud of Desi and Katy on their collaboration. I wish this collection was permanent, but it’s okay. This collection is gorgeous from packaging to the products. If you like to order the items that are still available checkout Dose of Colors
I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you the next post, which is a holiday tutorial using some of these products. 

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