Finding the Right Lashes for Your Eye Shape? | Lash Guide for Beginners

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Hi, Dolls and Gents

I don't know if you guys remember, but I wanted to do a guide on eyelashes for different eye shapes. I have been doing a lot of research and I am now ready to share what I have learned with you. 

I know that finding the right lashes for your eye shape can be difficult. I know I have had a hard time because when I see a lash on someone, I think oh, I want to try it out, but it looks terrible on me. This is why I wanted to share this with you! I have done other guides for beginners. If you want me to update them, let me know and I will do that. 

Anyways, let's get to this eyelash guide for beginners.

Finding the right pair of lashes in the beauty market these days is very difficult. There are so many different styles and then you have to take into account your eye shape. Each eye shape actually rocks a certain style of lashes really well. So, let's get started into right the right lashes for eye shape, whether it is monolid, almond, deep-set, round, wide-set, prominent/protruding, downturned, upturned, close-set, or hooded. 

Monolid Eyes

With mono-lidded eyes, there is no visible crease in the eyes. False lashes can make a major difference in the aesthetics of the look. Most monolid eyes have straight eyelashes. The best lashes for mono-lid eyes is fluttery crisscross lashes with openness on the outer eyes to help elongate the eyes.

Also, prevent overshadowing your natural features, go for short to medium length lashes with medium volume and high curl. Mono-lid eyes also may bear 'UPTURNED EYES' traits, so to complement this feature mono-lid eyes can also rock 'round' or "double tapered" lashes.

Recommend Lashes:

Almond Eyes 

With almond eyes, it is the most versatile eye shape to have. Almond eyes have a slight point on the ends and wide in the centre of the eye. Most eyelashes styles compliment this eye shape, depending on the style that you are going for. 

Recommend Lashes:

Deep-Set Eyes 

With deep-set eyes, the eyes sit under the brow bone, making you have the flexibility to choose lashes that are more dramatic without having lashes that overpower your eyes, Lashes with more length, density and volume for a deep-set eye beautifully compliment them the best. 

Recommend Lashes:

Round Eyes

With round eyes, we want to magnify your eye shape. In flirty, multi-layered, voluminous to elongate and balance out the eyes. Long, curly, and wispy lashes will help do that. Creating a cat eye effect and a longer eye illusion.

Recommend Lashes:

Wide-Set Eyes

With wide-set eyes, they have usually spaced more than one eyeball width apart. Wide-set eyes provide a more youthful appearance. Bringing your eyes closer together using a full flared lash to cover the extra space between your nose. You can play with different lash lengths. 

Recommend Lashes:

Prominent/Protruding Eyes

With prominent or protruding eyes, a lash style with natural with different short and medium lash lengths will give a beautiful addition to your eyes. Focusing on accentuating the lash line with cluster or spiky lashes. 

Recommend Lashes:

Downturned Eyes

With downturned eyes, extending the outer corners of your eyes and creating length along the lash line. You have a perfect eye shape for an attention-grabbing, voluminous cat-eye look that will draw attention to your eyes. 

Recommend Lashes:

Upturned Eyes

With upturned eyes, often take the form of an almond eye with a natural life at the outer corners. To help accentuate your eye shape without exaggerating your outer corners with double tapered or full lash flare lashes. 

Recommend Eyes:

Close-Set Eyes

With close-set eyes, the inner corners of your eyes sit close to your nose. To highlight the shape of your eye, focus on accentuating the outer corner to lift and lengthen your eyes. Lash styles that are the longer lash length from the centre to the end will help accentuate your eyes. 

Recommend Eyes:

Hooded Eyes

With hooded eyes, you have more skin right above your crease. To create a depth effect to open your eyes to the centre and give it the illusion that is a bigger. Lashes for hooded eyes should be fuller in the centre with longer lengths. 

Recommend Eyes:

I hope that this lash guide is helpful to many of you. If you have doubts about what lash to purchase depending on your special event or even everyday wear, this is a guide to help simplify your lash search. Finding the right lashes is a trial and error and when you find your right length, styles and band you will feel confident in your lash game.

I will see you guys in my next blog post.

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