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Hi Dolls and Gents, 

Today, I thought it would be great to share my favourite YouTubers to watch for beauty. Each of these ladies offers me something that I am looking for. I follow women of different ethnic backgrounds, I follow them because of artistry, skills, personality, and honesty. If you would like to know who I watch on YouTube then keep on reading.

Amy Macedo YouTube Channel
I have been subscribed to Amy for over two years and I love that she lives in the GTA, more or less the Brampton area. Honestly, Amy's makeup skills are really good and her looks are always what is trending. Amy is very honest when she does not like a product, she doesn't disappoint me. I watch her because I know what beauty items are available in Canada and where I can get them and she is normal to combination skin girl.

Alissa Ashley YouTube Channel
I have been subscribed to Alissa for almost a year and I don't remember how I found her. But I follow her because is she a woman of colour and we have the same eye shape and lid situation going on. I learn a lot from Alissa about the placement of shadow for hooded eye lids and also choosing the right lashes for my eyes. Alissa provides great information about what makeup brushes are perfect for hooded eyelids.

Desi Perkins YouTube Channel
I have been subscribed to Desi for over two years and I learn a lot from her. Desi for me is all about technique. Desi uses different techniques to create such beautiful eye looks. Desi is also an oily skin girl and a skin care lover, so I learn a lot about skin care for as well. Desi is literally amazing, her skills are out of this world.

LustreLux YouTube Channel
I have been subscribed to LustreLux for over a year and she is bff with Desi. Her actual name is Katy. I love to watch Katy videos again because of the techniques. Katy makeup game is amazing and she shares different tips on makeup, hair and lifestyle. Katy has combination skin and she shared tips on foundation routine, reviews and hauls. Katy has a series called Hot New Shit and she discusses all the new makeup that has been released or going to be released. 

Jackie Aina YouTube Channel
My African Queen literally. I learn so much from Jackie. From foundation shade select to skincare. Jackie is not as dark as me so her reviews and trying out product help me gauge if I should even try the product. Her honest on her channel is amazing, she keeps 100 with her subscribers. Jackie makes sure educates her viewers on the latest products, trends and sometimes shares her view of the beauty community.

KathleenLights YouTube Channel
Kathleen is such an amazing soul and she is not a makeup artist and does not claim to be. But her tutorials has such great energy and her reviews and tutorials are perfect for someone who is not looking for a channel that focuses on the dramatic looks. Kathleen's videos are perfect for everyday woman or man. Kathleen also has her own nail polish line and it at an affordable price, which is called KLPolish.

Nikkia Joy YouTube Channel
Nikkia is the perfect person to watch if you want to know if any products or hype products out work well for oily skin. Nikkia focuses more on oily skin tips and tricks to help the longevity of your makeup and as well as keep the oil in control. Nikkia is also an MUA, so share other tips for different skin tones and skin types.

There are more people that I watch, but I have to say that these ladies videos always has me interested in what is coming out. 

I also have other women I watch that I didn't list above who are small YouTubers and two who recently joined the YouTube, but is widely popular on Instagram. That is MakeupShayla, iluvsarahii, Too Much Mouth, and Nyma Tang.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and find some new people to watch on YouTube. I will see you guys in my next post.

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