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Hi Dolls and Gents,

Today, I am bringing you another fitting room confidential and we are going to Forever 21+ section. So, I always shop at Forever 21 and I know my sizing, but I never try on clothes in the store because I do not shop often in store . This time, I did and I am going to share my try on experience with you.

For reference, my measurement and bra size are 
Bust | 44.5 - 45 
Waist| 37-38
Hips |48-49
Bra Size| 36H

In Forever 21+, I am a 1X in tops, dresses, and etc. and 16 in bottoms.

Outfit #1

Frayed Denim Short 

These shorts are literally my favourite item. The fit of the shorts was perfect. They fit my hips and waist perfectly. I love the high waisted shorts with buttons. It holds my tummy in. It was not too short and it kept my butt inside, which is great. 

Ringer Tee

This a simple basic tee that is an essential in my closet. I love the pop of yellow on the collar and sleeve to add some colour to this outfit. 1X fit me perfectly. 

Outfit #2

Halter Jumpsuit 

This jumpsuit just did not fit me right at all. The fit at the bottom was perfect, but it got to the back of the halter jumpsuit was too big and it was not sitting on my back, it was more so hang down. I can't go a size down because it would be too tight on the bottom and fit me perfectly on the top. I have to say it is a no go. 

Outfit #3

Off the Shoulder Dress

I don't know if I like the fit of the dress. It is a swing dress, so it is not to hug your body. There is something about the dress that I can't put my finger on that I don't like. It is a light dress perfect to walk around the city. It's a love hate relationship. The off the shoulder fit me perfectly but with movement, it will move up.

Outfit #4

Distressed Jeans

The sizing is so off on this jean. The jeans were too big for me in the waist and the material did not feel like denim, it felt like soft denim and my thighs will rip with them with chafing. These jeans would not last a long time. 

Mesh Striped Bodysuit 

I love this bodysuit. The pattern of the mesh and velvet trip is very unique to the bodysuit. It a bodysuit, I would wear on a night out. The only thing is Forever 21 body suit have a lot of extra space in the thong area. But, it doesn't really to me. Really like the fit of the bodysuit.

Outfit #5

Distressed Jeans

Same thoughts as Outfit #3.

Strappy Tee

This is the perfect out casual tee I have seen that I like. The cutout is pretty low so I would wear these with a bralette. It is very casual and edgy. A 2X was slightly too big, I like the fit of the 2X, but I would prefer a 1X in this tee.

I hope you enjoyed this fitting room confidential. I had fun trying on these clothes. What should be my next store?

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