Conair InfintiPRO Diamond Brilliance Shine System Ionic Straightening Brush | Review

Hi Dolls and Gents,

Today, I am bringing you a quick review on the Conair InfinitiPRO Diamond Brillance Shine System Ionic Straightening Brush. The Conair PR team reached out to try out two products of my choice. I chose this brush as well as a titanium straightener, which that review will be coming soon. Any products sent by a PR team to me, I make sure I am completely honest in my review or collaborations

This is the first ever straightening brush I have ever tried. I saw and I was like I need to try it out. This is the first time I have ever used this type of tool on my relaxed hair and I was kind of skeptical that it would actually work properly for me. To me, it seems to be marketed told women with sleek, curly, wavy or whatever hair type. It's definitely not marketed toward women of colour hair types.

I am the person who does not have a pattern to straightening my hair. I just start and I make sure I get every hair, but I don't part it or anything. Sometimes, it may take me a little longer if I don't have a good quality hair straightener.

Before I start to share my thoughts on this products, let me give a quick run down about the Conair Infiniti Pro Ionic Straightening Brush.

Quick Run Down on Conair Infiniti Pro

Conair Infiniti Pro

The plates are designed like a paddle brush to provide more contact with your hair for faster styling. The part that heats up is the diamond-infused ceramic that leaves your hair shiny, straight, and smooth. This brush also features ceramically coated bristles to protect your hair, nylon bristles to guide styler through hair for silky, smooth results and heat activated silicone bristles for advance control and shine. The combination of the nylon, silicone try and diamond ceramic bristles is to gently guide through hair for silky results and added shine. With all that, there is an ionic generator that creates negative ions that neutralizer the natural positive ion in the air, making your hair less frizzy by flattening and sealing the hair cuticle. It comes with three heat settings.

Contents in Package: Brush, Heating Pad, and Instruction (not included in picture)

Now, to my thoughts on this product.

My Thoughts and Results

Straighten side with Straightener brush

Unstraighten Side

Top view of my head

Okay, so the first thing that I have to point out is that this tool is so easy to use. I was shocked as to how easy it was. The directions to this were straightforward and easier to understand. Well, using it the brush I heard a lot of crackling, which freaked me out. After reading the directions I realized is was the generator that was making the crackling sound when it is turned on. I really like this brush for days where I don't have time to use a regular straightener. It really did straighten my hair really well. I tried this on my natural hair after I have relaxed my hair post about a week or two before. It went through my hair so nicely, which out tugging on my hair and it did add shine to my hair. I also saw that my hair straighten no matter the position of the brush. It allowed to go through my entire half of my hair without break it down into parts. it took me about 10 minutes or less to straighten my hair, no joke I was surprised that I finished so quickly. I would definitely recommend everyone trying this out. It is easy, fuss-free, straight forward product that anyone can use.

The Ionic Straightening Brush cost $69.97 at Walmart or any other retailer such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review on the Conair Ionic Straightening Brush and if you try it out or you have it, share your thoughts on it below. I will see you guys in the next post.

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