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Hi Dolls and Gents,

So, I don't know if you guys have noticed that I have been posting a lost less during the week and in a month. It started out with school and focusing on my studies during my placement. But, now that I am down. I am finding it had to go back into that flow I was in about a year ago. I know that it is not good to be almost stuck in rut, but I don't know what is going on.

I thought long and hard about this before typing this and sharing my thoughts with you. I started this blog as space for me to share my beauty knowledge for women of colour and other women as well. I have not lost focus on this and that is my main priority but I just want to share some more and have fun with my blog.

I am thinking to add and change some things, but I feel like once I change it. I can't go back. I would love to share some fashion with you guys. Just to share what store to have to offer for plus size and adding some lifestyle and travel post. I different won't be one every week, more like a post in those topics occasionally or whenever I find myself focusing a bit more. I know, I almost seem like a YouTuber. I started with beauty, but now I am adding fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Again, those are not my main focus, I will be focusing on beauty. I need to be inspired and now that I'm making a bit more money, I have reviews of more makeup products for you guys.

I have also been thinking to add videos to my blog. Instead of making a YouTube videos, I want to make blog video for tutorials and how and still somehow incorporate it into my blog. Maybe this may lead me to make YouTube Videos, we will see.

I want to change the blog name from all thing beauty to just my name. I think I like that a bit better and just having my name on something seems pretty cool. I may just keep it, we will see. I was also thinking of making an Instagram account for my blog separate from my personal one, but I think I may just keep just the one.

That is all that I wanted to talk you guys about. I feel like you guys will understand and get to know me a lot better. Comment down below and share your thoughts on your thoughts on All Things Beauty: Maame's Edition.

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I will see you guys in my next blog post.

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