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Hi Dolls and Gents, 

It seems like I have been go for a while. That is because I have placement for school 4 times a week and I feel so drained by the end of the day. But I thought, I would post this review for you guys.  I feel like I don't know what to write about, but there are a lot of products that I have tried that I need to write about, but I don't want back to back reviews. Also, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian readers.

Today, I am going to be reviewing the NYX Beauty School Dropout Palette in Graduate. If you guys remember reading that I attend a NYX Prom event (you can read it here). They gave each of us a goodie bag and this palette was in there. This palette has everything you need to get you full face done. 

The is a massive palette that contains 35 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 highlighters and 3 blushes. It is a mix of neutrals and brights colours that give you give the pop of colour you are looking for in a palette. I have a chance of playing around with some with them and I have gather my thoughts on them. 

This palette is available on  NYX Cosmetics and  NYX Stores for $38 CAD. 


Three Sections | Mirror | Eyeshadows| Blush, Highlight and Bronzers

Front of the palette

The palette comes in a three fold book, which is super nice, but it also make it super chunky and heavy. I rather this than a massive palette that I can not store away properly. The first square contains the mirror and two different eye looks. The middle section contains all 35 eyeshadows, and the last section contains 3 blushes, 2 bronzers and 2 highlighters. 

Pigmentation and Blendability 

The palette has 35 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 highlights and 3 blushes. When I intentionally saw this, I was excited but I was thinking about the pigmentation of the products, especially on darker skin tones. I find that some of eyeshadows have great pigmentation and blend out beautifully, but others are lack in the pigmentation and it is not as easy to blend.  Some of the metallic and shimmer eyeshadow are buttery and some of the matte eyeshadow are a bit chalky. For the 3 blushes, I find the first two to be utterly useless for me, but the third is a magenta dark pink blush, which has good pigmentation and it easy to blend out. The highlighters and bronzers are pigmentation is good for a highlighters, but the shades are terrible for me. I don't think anyone can really use the highlighter from tanned skin to ebony skin, it will look ashy. 


Row One from L to R 
Row Two from L to R 

Row Three from L to R 
Row Four from L to R 

Row Five from L to R
Row Six from L to R 

Row Seven from L to R 

Section 3  Bottom to Top : Blushes, Highlighters, and Bronzers
I hope that everyone enjoyed this review of the NYX Palette. It is a good deals, you get a lot for the $38. Don't forget to comment, share and +1'd and become a follower of my blog, it's free. 

Also, there are two fall makeup tutorials coming up, one is on myself and the other is on my mom. 

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