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Hi Dolls and Gents, 

I know I said this was coming on the weekend, but is Halloween weekend and since I finished making on Tuesday, I thought I would posted it up before the weekend. Since I have started my blog for a year now,I have always had a small storage space for my makeup. However, as my collection starts to grow slowly, I want to have enough to fill my new makeup in. For the last two years, I have thinking about having my own vanity, and I am glad to say that I finally have it. 

I would also like to say that is does follow the traditional YouTubers makeup vanity, but I change it use, just a bit to fit the size of my bedroom in my apartment. I have always wanted those vanity lights with mirror from Impression Vanity but they cost from $200 and up and I did not want to fork out all that money. So, I youtube DIY makeup vanity with lights and I find so many different videos, on people make their own and with their own twist to it. 

As you probably read the title, you saw under $200. Yes, I got everything for under $200. I spent most of my money at Ikea. Anyways, If you like to know how I got my vanity together then keep on reading. Also, I would like to thank you my best friend from helping me put this together. 

Materials Needed 

Not photographed is the light bulbs, but there are in other pictures

  1. Ikea- Alex Drawer - $80
  2. Ikea- Linnmon Table Top  (39x23) -$9.99
  3. Ikea- Adils Legs (2) - $5.00/per leg
  4. Lowes - Style Selection Frameless Beveled Rectangle Mirror, 20 x 24 - $17.83
  5. Canadian Tire - NOMA Indoor Clear Incandescent, G25 Base, 40W, 3 per pack -$6.99
  6. Lowes - Project Source Vanity Light 4 bulbs, (2) - $19.99/each 
  7. Walmart - Command Strips Large Picture Hanging Strips (2), $4.98/per pack 
  8. Dollarama - Sunbeam 3m Extension cord (2), $3.00/each 
  9. Dollarama - Sunbeam Wall Outlet Tap, $2.00
The total, I spent on building my makeup vanity with mirror and light was $196.73. I know it is a lot of money, but I got my whole vanity for under $200. 

Let's get to building...

Vanity Lights 

What I did first when connect my two extension cords and vanity light bar. I did not take a picture of me doing this part, cause I was watching a video on how to do it. But, I can explain to you what I did. 

First, you are going to do if remove all the cups that surround the bulb area on the vanity light strip. You are going to be able to remove the top and you will all the wire inside. The next step is super important. 

I took my extension cord and cut off the adapter with scissors. I, then took my scissors and cut down the middle of the wire and pull them apart about 4 to 5 inches. I took my scissors and I through the tubing, you do not want to cut into the wire inside. Once I cut around the tubing, I gently pull it off and the wire inside with appear. 


Now time to connect the wire together. When I pulled the wires apart one side of the wire is smooth and the other side of the wire is rigid. Connect the smooth side with the white wire and the rigid side with the black side. I twisted the exposed wires together and secured from fire using the orange cone that came with the vanity. 

Orange Cone Placed on wires

Now, that I have connected the wires, I placed back in the vanity and place the top back on and fastened the bulbs covers. 

I repeated the same steps for the other vanity bar light.


Now, I finished connected the extension cord to the vanity light bars. I tried it out to make it work.

Let there be light!

Ikea Furniture 

Now, that we have connected the vanity light bars. I suggest getting someone to help you, so the processed goes a bit faster. My best friend and I started to build the Alex drawers. I was originally going to get two alex drawers, but she convinced that I need leg room and having two alex drawers will not provide that, especially because I bought the small linnmon table top.
Table Built!!!

I say provide yourself some entertainment or music well building because it going to take a while. We watched The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Once we finished building the alex drawers, we added the Adlis legs to the right side of the table top. Once we place the furniture, were I would like it we moved to putting up the mirror and lights. 

Mirror and Lights Placement

Once we place the table where I wanted it. We measured the middle of the table top. This measurement provides us the middle of the table and it is were we are place the mirror. Before we hang the mirror on the wall, we also look for the middle on the mirror to line the middle of the table to the middle of the mirror. I suggest making marks on the wall with a pencil or dry erase on the mirror. 

Once, we lined it up. We took the pencil and I traced the four corners of the mirror. Doing that allows us to see the exact placement of the mirror, we put on the command strips. 

Well, we apply the command strips wrong, but it is still hang. Instead of one piece on the wall, we place both fold together and clicked together. We did not want to risk the mistake of not knowing. Once we place the command strips, we peel of the side away from the mirror and stick it to wall in the four corners I traced and we pressed each side for 30 seconds. 

In the middle...#goals

Now, the lights was a bit hard. The length of the light matches the length of the mirror, so it was good. We used command strips first, but it did not work out for use. Next, we decided to drill a hole in my wall, but we did not have all right bits and pieces. My suggestion was nailing it, so the light is sitting on the nail. She agree with me and I traced the marks of where the nail was going and she hammered the nail in.

Finally, we put in  the NOMA Indoor Clear Incandescent Vanity Bulbs and plugged in the sunbeam 3 wall outlet tap in the wall and plug the cords in and there was light.  

Final Product...

My Makeup Vanity #goals #superhappy

UPDATE.....(JAN 30, 2017)

After using my vanity for a bit, I realized that I was getting my makeup stains all over the table top, so I decided to get a glass table top, but I couldn't find any that was the right size. So, after a lot of research, I thought about contact paper. I purchase marble contact paper from Lowes, it was D-C Fix 96 Marble Self-Adhesive Film 26 in x 78 in  for $21 dollars (the price included shipping), I chose the colour Grey and it was the perfect size for my table top. 

My Vanity Now....

I hope you guys enjoyed learning how I made my vanity. If you try this out or have already comment down below. Don't forget to comment, share and become a follower of my blog, it is free!

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    1. Thank you for reading my blog. I am glad that you enjoyed this post. Hopefully, you check the other post that I have up.