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Today, I am bringing you another skincare post. I am on a skincare kick, right now, but I will be posting something makeup related this weekend, hint it has the word vanity.

First off, I would like to say that me and face oils have never been close and I always find it hard to believe that my face being oily, I would go but more oil on it. That made no sense to me whatsoever. As I have gotten a bit older, I do realize the facial oils are good for your skin, no matter your skin type.

Eden's Semilla contacted me try out their 100% Pure Jojoba oil. I have happy to try out the oil. I did some research before using the oil because I want to know what is it? and what will do for my skin?. Well, I have answered this questions and I am here to tell you my answers. If you like to know more, keep scrolling down. 

What is Jojoba Oil?

That is a great question. Jojoba oil is a combination of long chain monounsaturated liquid wax esters.  They are structure with different triglycerides, which are most of other seed oil are made up. In all reality, jojoba oil is not an oil. 

Jojoba oil comes from the jojoba plant that is indigenous to Southern United States and Northern Mexico.  Pure jojoba oil is a bright, golden colour and the processed version is clear and transparent. 

What will it do from my skin?

There are many benefits of using jojoba oil on your body, face, hair, and nails. 

Mimics natural sebum in skin 

What makes jojoba oil very unique is that is very similar to the human sebum, structurally and when processed. This is because the human sebum is made up of wax monoesters which is primarily jojoba oil. 


Jojoba oil is antibacterial oil, so any bacteria or fungus that may come it way will die as it comes in contact with jojoba oil. 

Vitamin E and Natural Minerals

Jojoba oils contains large amount of Vitamin E and other natural minerals. Vitamin E helps promote healthy skin. 

Review and Thoughts 

I am a have been using this oil for about a month now and I have been enjoying it so far. The first two weeks I used it, I say not difference in my skin. The main reason why I was so intrigued by using this oil was because it says it mimics human sebum and I have gotten a oily t-zone, so I want to see what it can do for me. After the two weeks, I started to notice that my face was not as oily as before and I was super confused, because I was not using anything now. I figured out that it was the oil and I was so surprised that I didn't believe it. I kept trying it out, and the same results would happen. I could not believe when I applied the oil both morning and night, my skin did not get oil the entire day. Jojoba oil is very light on your skin, it is not heavy. You almost can't feel it and it does not stay shining all day long. 

So, yes, I do love this jojoba oil and I will getting a back up to make sure. I know that everyone with whatever skin type you have will love this, but if you have oily/combination skin this is a miracle products to help controlling your oil. I apply a few drops before doing my makeup and I let it soak in my skin. 

Eden's Smellia 100% Jojoba Oil comes in two sizes, 60 ml dropper and 120ml dropper. It is contained in a plastic bottle with a dropper to help control how much you should take. 

Here is the link, 100% Pure Jojoba Oil check it and purchase it. It is will be the best thing to have in your skincare routine. 

I hope you enjoyed this posted and learned something new. Do not forget to comment, share and follow my blog, it is free!

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