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Hi Dolls and Gents, 

UPDATE AUGUST 4 : So, if you are reading this you may have realized that I changed this post completely from July 29 and it is reposted. Hey, guys so after looking at different palettes online, I have found a palette that is a closer dupe to the Kyshadow Palette. After a watching a YouTuber video, I wanted to let all of you know that Shaaanxo palette is not a dupe to Kyshadow palette, but it is a cheaper alternative. I know that they are similar, but they are not. Some of the shades look similar because of the packaging, but they are not. 

So, in today's post I am going to show you guys dupes of the Kyshadow palette and actually show a true dupe of the Kyshadow palette. I hope you guys understand. I do want to share dupes that are not true dupes, especially because I do not own the palette and I am basing it off a photo. I apologize again for sharing the wrong information. 

I found three dupes of the Kyshadow Palette. I am going to put in order of the most likely to be a dupe and I will tell you guys, which one is better deal. Alissa Ashley also shared the same dupes as I did. I wanted to share you a YouTuber who provides better snapshots to see the difference and similar better. 

The Kyshadow palette 'The Bronze Palette' retails for $42 USD and is currently sold out. 

3|Shaaanxo Palette 

In my previous post, that does not exist anymore. I explain to you all that is was a dupe to the Kyshadow palette. Well, I was wrong. After looking a pictures with better lighting to see the true colours. I realized that are not dupe of each other. So everyone on the internet who said is was from the beginning is wrong, including myself. 

Shaaanxo Palette vs. Kyshadow Palette 

As you can see in this photo. The two palette looking not alike or even similar. Shaaanxo palette contains more shimmer and Kylie's palette contains more matte shadows. From the photo, I can only see three shades that are similar from both palette, which are the white, nude shimmery pink and bronze brown. Other than that, they are different. The palette retails for $14.50 for 9 eyeshadows and 9 lip colours. 

2|Juvia's Place The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette (Green)

Juvia's place The Nubian Palette (Green) is similar to the Kyshadow palette. It is looks the same, but again there are difference among these two palette. This palette retails for $23.50 for 12 eyeshadows. 

Here is a closer look....

Juvia Place vs Kyshadow Palette 

3|Morphe 35O Palette

The infamous 35O palette is the best dupe for the Kyshadow palette. There are a lot of similar shades in this palette than the other two. The only thing is the 35O palette does not have a black eyeshadow and that is about it. You pay $22.99 for 35 eyeshadows and you $42 for 9 eyeshadows. The Morphe palette is a better deal. 

Here is a closer look...
Morphe 35O vs Kyshadow Palette 

Here is the dupes of eyeshadows from Kyshadow palette in the Morphe 35O. I have labelled the dupes in the 35O palette with the colour description of the colours in the Kyshadow palette. Just match up the colour description in both palettes to find the dupe.

Dupes of the Kyshadow Palette in the Morphe 35O

Again, I am so sorry for sharing the wrong information and I hope this new blog post is more helpful than the last one that no longer exist. I would to purchase the Morphe 35O palette as a dupe for the Kyshadow palette. But again, if you want to purchase the Kyshadow palette then go ahead. But anyone, it not does really care for Kylie Cosmetics the Morphe Palette is for you. 

I hope you enjoyed this re-edited post. If you want me to continue this "Is there a Dupe Series", let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. You've confirmed my next purchase. Thanks!

    1. No problem, I am glad you are able to find a dupe to the Kyshadow Palette