Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, now that Summer is nearing and we are planning vacations for this or next year or activities to do in the summer, we are ready for summer, don't you say?  I am bringing you beach beauty essentials. Now, there a lot of things I usually bring to the beach with me, but it is all dependent on what I am going to do or who I am going with. I have teamed up with Adore Me to bring you my beach day must. 

Adore Me's sexy lingerie and sexy plus size lingerie team have created a hashtag on Instagram #BeachDayMusts. Go over to this Instagram page and use this hashtag, so you can get inspired by others, so you either share or add more to your #BeachDayMusts

Here are my #beachdaymusts. Do not let the picture fool you, I bring a lot more. 

Beach Beauty Essentials ... There is a lot more 

1 | Swimsuit 

The most essential part to the beach is your swim suit. I love two piece swimsuits because I think they flatter my body shape better. I have to have a matching top and bottom, I not about mix and match. I like a more clean, one colour, same style look. I got this swimsuit from Forever 21 Plus Sizes

2 | Floppy Hat 

This is a recent purchase of mine, I actually got it last year. I never thought I would be a hat person, but I love this hat. It protects me for the sun, which is perfect. I got this floppy hat from Forever 21

3 |Sunscreen 

You can not go to the beach, without sunscreen. Not matter your skin tone, everyone needs sunscreen. Sunscreen helps protect your skin for the UV rays which can give your skin cancer. Always, remember to WEAR SUNSCREEN

4 | Sunglasses 

I love me a pair of sunglasses. I never forget to wear or bring sunglass in the summer. Everyone hates when the sun hits them directly in the eye, all you can do is squint. 

Now for the items that are not in the photo. 

I never bring makeup with me to the beach. I prep my skin and makeup at home for a waterproof makeup look. I always go for a minimal makeup look, nothing glam. I focus more on my skin. I usually wear Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Deep , CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and any lip gloss. 

5 | Flip Flops

I need to have a pair of flip flops. I love the sand, don't get me wrong, but the sometimes when the sun hits the sand, it get really hot and I do not want to walk around and step in anything. 

6 | Music or Beats Pill

I need to have music on the beach. It so much fun to lay in the sun and listen to music. I usually bring a speaker or my best friend bring her beats pill and we listen to music. We put it on blast and we listen to good beach must or music we are currently loving. 

7 | Sports Equipment 

It all depend on which beach we are going to and what they have. Some of my friends usually bring a volleyball and we play beach volleyball or in the water to cool ourselves down.

8 | Bug Spray 

I love summer, but not bugs. I have to have bug spray with me or I will go crazy. This is essential, it is the first thing I pack before anything else on this list. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my beach essentials. Make sure you post your beach day must on Instagram using the #beachdaymusts. Adore Me will be regram three of their favourite posts. 

I will see you in my next post. Don't forget to follow, become an avid follower. The subscription it's free!

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