You Should be using Eye Creams, No Matter the Age!

Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Today, I will be discussing everything eye creams. Eye creams are the products that many young people tend not to focus on because they believe that they do not need, I am not going to lie, that is me. But, what we do not know is using a eye cream at a younger age, will help slow down the process of fine lines and wrinkles when we get older. We cannot stop our skin from age, but what we can do it, take care of our skin and help protect and prepare it for when we get older. 

I have three reasons why you should be using a eye cream as part of your skincare routine, both morning and night. 

1|Eye cream protect and heals the delicate skin, thin skin surrounding your eyes. 

The skin underneath and around your eye is the thinnest on your body, that means it more prone to damage and sensitivity. Eye creams are designed to help with irritation of the eyes and help build the collagen in the skin to help prevent damage, dryness, and aging. This is majorly important in your teen years and beyond! 

2|Eye cream with SPF will help prevent sun damage and skin cancer. 

Again, the skin around your eye is so thin, so it is more easier to get burned and have long term damage due to sun exposure. If you go tanning, it is SUPER DUPER important to you wear SPF, and everyone else who does not tan, needs it as well. If you want to help prevent crows feet, dark circle, and sagginess around your eye get an eye cream with a SPF 15. 

3|Your eye makeup will look 10x better if you apply eye cream before makeup application. 

If you concealer or foundation creases underneath your eyes, or you have very prominent dark circles, you need eye cream. A small amount a few minutes before you makeup application will help smooth and plump the skin underneath your eye, and help you makeup stay in place and not crease, as well as look natural. 

Recommendations for Eye Creams 


High End 

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