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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, Colourpop is back at it again and it releasing a new product. They have conquered the lips, cheeks, and eyes, now they taking on the brows. From, what I heard about this product from Desi Perkins, Amanda Ensing and KathleenLights, is there these brow pencil are pigmented as heck. 

They are more creamy than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. Amanda Ensing describe this pencil to be a pomade in a pencil form.

The launch date of these product is TOMORROW, MARCH 10.  

There will be eight Brow Colour shades and eight Brow Pencil shade, in total 16. The brow colour will cost $6 and the brow pencil will be $5. So get ready to spend some money. 

Image via @makeupbyjesi

Image via @colourpopcult
Get your money ready. This brow product maybe a huge hit. See you in my next post. 

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  1. I've been looking for a new brow product - may need to try this!


    1. Yeah, I hear good things about this product, it is definitely worth trying out