My Braided Hair Care Routine 2016

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, you may have notice in a couple of my makeup tutorials, my hair is braided. Well, I'm in my most recent tutorial, my hair is in box braids.

Braiding my hair, is not always fun, but do it because it is the perfect protective hairstyle in the winter especially Canada's winter. I have been braiding my hair for years now, and I alter between braids and weave. Today, I thought I would share with my hair care routine before I take it out and do a new hairstyle.

There is a common misconception that if you have braids then you cannot take care of your natural hair. Well, that is a lie. You have to keep your  natural hair clean for your braids not to stink and up keep the perimeter of your face. The reason why your hair smell when you have braids in is because there is a build up of products and dirt in your hair.

I have never had a hair care routine, but did I use some of these products occasionally. All the products that I used I get for Beauty Supply Warehouse and Fortions.

To make sure my braided hair, is looking their best, I use these products to get my hair looking good.

  1. Olive Oil Shampoo
  2. Olive Oil Braid Sheen Spray
  3. Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo Body Envy Instant Clean
  4. Softsheen-Carson Sta•Sof•Fro Hair and Scalp Spray Comb out Conditioner with Lanolin 
  5. Outre X-Pression 100% Kanekalon Hair in colour #1 (black) and #425 (red/black)

How I Upkeep My Braids 

I have learned through trail and error that the best way to maintain my hair is just to focus in my scalp and not all my braids. I recommend not washing all your braids because your braids are not smelly, it is your scalp and if you do wash all your braids , it will take forever for it to dry and it will be heavy on your head.

1 | Olive Oil Shampoo

This is my go to shampoo. I use this shampoo to remove all the product built-up and dirt from my hair. What I do is , I take a spray bottle and I spar my scalp with water. Then I will add some of the shampoo. I will keep repeating these two until I feel my hair is clean. Then, I will take a towel and dry my scalp. The key to washing your scalp is not rubbing to hard, so it look messy after. Gently massage your scalp.

2 | Herbal Essence  Dry Shampoo Body Envy Instant Clean 

I have recently started using this and I like it, so far. I use the dry shampoo after I washing my hair with shampoo. The reason why I do this is because I just want to make sure that my hair is clean as I can get it. One thing with the dry shampoo is that the powder is white, so I have to rub a towel in my hair to make sure all the white powder comes out of my hair. 

3| Softsheen- Carson Sta•Sof•Fro Hair and Scalp Spray Comb out Conditioner with Lanolin 

I use this spray in my scalp when it is itchy. I have dandruff in my hair, so this help keep it at bay and help with me not constantly scratching my head. I spray this in my hair to maintain the itches, but also keep my scalp moist and condition it as well. 

4| Outre X-Pression 100% Kanekalon Hair in #1B and #425

After, I do all the above steps. I take out all the braids in the front of my face. Then I get my mom to re braid the front my hair for me again so it look neat in the front. The reason why I do this is because the braids in the front of hair, get pulled and messy the most, which make you want to take out your whole head of braids. Maintain the front allow you to keep your braids in a bit longer. 

5| Olive Oil Braid Sheen Spray 

I have been using this sheen spray for some many years now. I use it to add shine back to the dull looking braids. I essentially just spray all my braids to provide shine to the braids. This literally bring your braids back to life, it amazing. Everyone who braids their hair,swears by this products. 

I do this routine every couple week to maintain my hair. I hope that is was helpful to some you, and the rest found this interested on how I maintain my braided hair. 

Here are my go to braided hairstyles :

Box Braids
Curled Crotchet Braids
Straight Crotchet Braids

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