Winter Skincare Essentials

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Today, I am going to be sharing with you my winter skincare essentials. I have has some of these products as a young child and I have been using them a lot. Now, that I have gotten older, I have realized that is is important for me to take care of my body skin as much as a take care of my face. So, I have been adding a few more items into my winter skincare essentials that I am going to be sharing with you. 

1| Cococare Vitamin E Antioxidant Body Oil 

So, we all know what Vitamin E Oil is right? Well, Vitamin E Oil is both a nutrient and antioxidant. Vitamin E Oil can be found in capsules and liquid forms. Now, many of have heard of the benefits of using Vitamin E Oil, right? Well here is the rundown, Vitamin E Oil can be use for many different purposes for your body, such as wrinkles, anti-aging, dry lips, dark spot and the list goes on. Well, what I used Vitamin E Oil for during the winter is I slather it on after I take a shower. This helps with my skin getting real dry during the winter or I mix it with my body lotion. 

2| Queen Elisabeth Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Cream

This is my ultimate ride or die lotion for the winter. I have been using this lotion for a few years. It natural cocoa butter from Ivory Coast.  This lotion is perfect for extremely dry skin and dry skin. It has a blend of natural cocoa butter and lanoline that helps keep the skin moisturizer. I will go further in depth in a review for you. 

3|Equate Skin Treatment Oil 

This treatment oil has joined my winter skincare essential routine. This product is describe to help improve the appearance of scarring, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and stretch marks. It contains both Vitamin A and E. I use this oil during the winter for my face. Cause it is winter, my face get a little dry, so I like to use this treatment oil before my moisturizer to help keep my skin hydrated. 

4| Cup of Warmth Vanilla Chai and Biscotti Body Cream 

This is my hand lotions of my choice this winter. I love having hand cream in my bag all year round, but in the winter time, it is essentials for me to have it. Especially when is really cold and windy. This lotion contains shea butter to provide a moisture to my hands. Plus, I love the smell of this lotion

5|Blistex Regular SPF 15 Lip Protectant 

I have been using Blistex lip balm for year now as a daily routine. But in the winter, our lips get extra dry and we have to keep them moisturize at all times. Instead of me wearing a lip colour, I wear lip balm during the winter, because I do not want my lips to be cracked. 

6| 100% Natural Shea Butter (Ghana)

I have been using 100% Natural Shea Butter for my whole life. It has so many different purposes to be used for. For skin, body, and hair. I have been using she butter every winter for the past 20 years of my life. It is literally what my whole family uses. I melt the Shea Butter and pour it into my moisturizer for a extra boost of hydration to my skin. I usually do not mix with my Queen Elisbeath lotion because very hydrating. So, I usually mix is with other lotions, right I have mixed Aveeno Daily Moisturizer and Shea Butter together. 

I hope this help some of who are experience the cold weather right now. Don't forget to comment, share and +1'd.  See you in my next post. 

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