New Year, Hopefully a New Me

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! IT'S OFFICIALLY 2016, that means we get a new year to change or to explore yourself and see what you are capable of doing. Now, every year we make new year resolutions and some of us are able to follow through with it and other give us right away. I am one of people who make new year resolutions and never ever stick with them. So this year, I actually want to stick to them and see how far I can go. I thought I would share my new year resolutions with you guys because I think it good to see if some of us have the same resolutions and we can motivate each other. So without further due , let get started. 

1. Workout and Eat Healthier 

I started this resolution at the end of 2015 and I started going to the gym three times a week but as soon as exams came around I had no time to do so or I totally forgot about it. So this year, I want to make more of any effort to workout more and eat healthier. 

2. Try different brands of makeup

I have always stuck to the brands that I use and I never seem to change or try new products. I want to expand my makeup collection, but I also want to try new products from both drugstore and high end. 

3. Make an effort to purchase more foundation, loose powders, blush, highlight and contour

I have all the products I need to create a look, but I do not everything. Especially, contour and loose powder. I want to find products that work for my skin tone and be able to help women of colour our more. 

4. To revamp my entire closet

As I get older, my style becomes more mature and I want to dress like a young lady, but I also want to be able to dress to a style that fit me and my personality. So after, I accomplish my first resolution I am going to take my  best friend and she is going to help revamp my closet. 

5. Try false lashes 

I never ever ever wear false lashes because I do not know how to apply them, so my goal for 2016 is using false lashes for many of look that I wear out. Try lashes that are popular and affordable. 

6. Perfume

I have so many perfume sample, but I do own a perfume because they are really expensive. So, I want to purchase as many perfume as I can, that fit my style and personality and find different scents for different occasions. 

7. Improve my blog and work with more companies

I want to improve my blog more than 2015, maybe not only focusing on a beauty and maybe adding lifestyle or fashion or just sticking to beauty. Also, working with more companies to tell you about products that some of you may have not heard about. 

8. Stick to a blogging schedule and be more creative with content

I started with a blogging schedule in 2015, but as time went one I began to change my schedule and I now no longer follow my schedule, but hopefully this year I can stick to a schedule. I also want to more creative with my blogging content and think outside the box. 

9. Getting my G1 driving test and CPRC done 

I have started with my driving last year but my driving instructor was terrible and so I have stopped and not continued. Hopefully this year, I can fully complete my G1 and start working on getting fully license. Also, getting my CPRC done because my expires two years ago and I think it is good to have especially because I want to into field with working with children. 

10. Be true to myself, no matter what 

I always want to be true myself and if I find myself in a relationship this year, I hope that I stay true to my self and no change for any man that comes in my life because I love myself and I am confident and happy with who I am and who I have become. 

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope that you guys have an amazing year. Leave your New Year Resolutions down in the comment below, so me and other readers can see what you to change or accomplish this year. 

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