What I Got for Christmas 2015

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Today, I am going to being 'What I Got for Christmas 2015'. I always watched them on YouTube and I was interested in doing one on my blog. Now for the infamous disclaimer, this is not to show off or brag what I got for Christmas, think of this as of a haul that I didn't have use my own money to purchase these items. This may give you ideas of what you may what for your birthday gift or gift to yourself. Anyways, if you would like to see what I got for Christmas, then just keep on reading. 

This handbag is Guess Handle Flap Tote Satchel Handbag was given to me by my dad. I told that I wanted a nice handbag, because as a 20 year old, I thought as I got older, I would ask my parent for items that I would love to purchase for myself, but I do not have the money for.  This handbag is perfect for everyday use, it not to big and it is not to small, it is the perfect medium size satchel. It is a neutral colour, meaning it can go with any outfit that I wear, so I am really excited to use this bag. 

This handbag, is the Givenchy Antigona Medium Tricolour Handbag and it given to me by myself. I bought is bag for myself during the summer. I should say that this is not the real deal, it is actually the replica. However, though is not the same, it makes a good handbag. I would recommend, if you are going to buy a replica bag, buy one this is really good and you can't ever tell the difference. I actually, purchase this bag and then I cancelled the order. But the company took my money and send me the bag, so now I am stuck with it and I trying to make the bag look better, so I can use more often. I order it from iOffer. 

This Micheal Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Wallet was given to me by my mom. I actually wanted something Micheal Kors, and when she give me this wallet, I was actually excited because she recently gave me a Guess wallet and I love it because it was the ideal wallet for myself. But, when I saw this I literally got really excited. It is the wallet I current use. 

This Fossil Rose Gold watch was given to me by my mom. I don't know the name or style of this watch. But, I really love this watch. It is actually my first and only expensive watch that I own. I literally looked through the Fossil site to find watches that I loved and my mom chose for the one I gave her. I will be wearing this watch every single day after I get it resized. 

I got this Forever 21 Plus Size Double Breasted Trench Coat as an early Christmas gift from my mom, during to Black Friday sales for myself. I always wanted a trench coat, but I wanted a camel colour, but I could never find ones that I liked. When I came across this, I had to buy. It is a perfect kinda neutral colour and literally goes with any outfit the compliment this coat. 

I got the LORAC PRO Palette as a gift from my baby sister. Honestly, when she gave this to me, I was so happy because I have been wanting this palette for a long time and now I finally have it. I was using my friend's LORAC Pro because she was not use as much, but I am so happy that I have my own. 

I got the Drake General Store Arborist Adult Onesie in Red from my best friend. She go me and two of our other friends, matching pjs for the holidays and for her birthday sleepover. I honestly love onesie and they are the most comfortable thing in the world. 

I got five Logo Pink by Victoria Secret from the sister. She got me all the logo underwear because she knew I would love them and she loves the logo as well, so you know sister got to match. I got a few more on boxing day and got my cousins and friend hook of these panties. 

I got these Bath and Body Works lotions and mist for my friends and cousins. If anyone know me really well, they know that I love makeup, candles, perfume and mists and can't live with out hand lotion. So my cousins and friends got me some fall and winter scents that I love each of them, and have lotions on back up now. 

I got these Just Fab from my sister and their in the style name Denny. I do not own a ankle boots, so I was super excited when I got these as a Christmas gift. It goes with any outfit and it literally can dress it up or down. 

I got a MAC Lipstick in the shade Film Noir from one of my good friends. Honestly, this gift was chosen by me and she paid for it. At my best friends birthday sleepover, we gave each other gifts and she's like I never go you guys gifts, so tomorrow we will go to the mall and get your gifts. I decided to get this lip colour cause it is perfect for fall and winter. 

I got a H&M gift card from one of cousins, it has $15 dollars on it and used it all on boxing day when I went shopping. 

I got this Forever 21 Classic Knit Bodysuit from my mom as a early Christmas gift. This is the first bodysuit I own and I love it so much. It is a burgundy colour which is perfect for fall and winter and look get with midi, pencil, and skater skirts and jeans. 

I got this Forever 21 Subtle Asymmetrical Bodycon Dress as a early Christmas gift for my mom. It is classic, 3/4 sleeve dress that is perfect for any occasion or event. I already wore this for my Aunt's 50th Birthday Party.

I got this New York t-shirt from one of my closest friends. It is a simple and comfortable t-shirt that can be with as casual outfit. 

I hope all of you had a Happy Holidays and enjoyed what I got for Christmas. I will see you in my end of the year post soon. 

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