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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Today, I am bringing you my first hair care/tools post. I am really excited to be talking to you guys about this brush. If you have not heard about this company, they are called The Knot Dr. and they have different brushes to help detangle your hair for kids, women, and men. If you would like to learn more about this brush, then just keep on reading. 

The Pro Detangler 

"The Knot Dr. Pro is a paddle brush boasting 212 bristles. This spread is impressive bristle count across the paddle allows for maximum coverage and creates an enjoyable detangling experience. The Pro brush has a sleek black, carbon boyd with a bright coloured pad and bristles tips" Source 

The Pro Detangler and every other brushes has a "knotectomy". Now, you are wondering, what is "knotectomy" ? Well, it is precision knot surgery. In the past, such producers have been king and difficult to endure, and included the ripping and tearing of large clumps of matted hair; however, when performed by a professional, the Knotectomy is entirely painless. After years of dedicated research and experimenting, the Knot Dr. is ready to operate. 

The Pro Detangler works on wet and dry hair. It is also durable heat-resistant design and it is excellent for all ages and hair types. 

Okay, so I know the hype around expensive hair brushes. Everyone wants to know whether or not it is going to be worth the money. So, that what I am going to do, I am going to tell whether or not this brush is worth the money. This hair brush brand is not widely known, so this is an opportunity for me to give what I think about this brush. 

You probably wondering, how did I tested this brush out. Well, right now I have my hair is braided, so I couldn't test it out on myself. I thought the next best thing, was to give it to my best friend and she will try it out for me. Then, I remember I have a wig that I made with synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair and Human hair together gets really tangled and stiff after you have wore it for a couple hours. 

This is the wig that I tried the Pro Detangler on. Now, the last time I used this wig was a couple months ago, so when I put it away , I didn't brush it out. That means, this wig was tangled and had a bit of knots in them. I compared the Pro Detangler to a regular hair brush that I got for Dollarama. Here is the results. 

Pro Detangler vs. Dollarama Hair Brush 

Dry Hair

Dollarama Brush : When I brushed out half my wig with the dollarama brush, I noticed that any tangles that was on that side, this brush kept stopping. So, the brush would tug on the hair while I was brushing it. 

Pro Detangler : When I brushed out the other half of my wig, I immediately notice the brush right through the knots and tangled hair. I have to say I was surprised, I had gotten use to also stopping. The brush did not tugging the hair at all.  

Wet Hair 

Dollarama Brush : After, I washed the wig and dried it. I used the brush to detangle half of the wig and again the brush kept tugging on the knots. Making it more difficult to brush the hair with it wet. 

Pro Detangler : I used the brush on the other half of my wig, and the brush did not tug on any of the knot and detangled the hair without pull. It was one quick brush

UPDATE!!!!! February 27th, 2016 

I have tried this brush on my natural hair and I have to say that like it more then when I used it on my wig. After I shampoo and condition my hair, I used the brush to detangle. Now, my hair type right now is chemically treated or relaxed. So, after you shampooing and conditioning my hair after a relaxer, my hair always ends in knots. This brush went through my hair with ease. There was no pulling on my hair, which would have left my scalp sore. This brush truly works on different hair types, it definitely worked for me. My thoughts in the verdicts says the same. 

More Photos... 


I recommend anyone who has thick, coarse hair or curly hair or tangled hair to try this brush company out. You can finally brush your hair, without the pain of a regular brush. What I love about this brush, it they it is a wet and regular brush combine together to make this hybrid. Not a lot of brushes do that, and if they do not if do not make brushing your hair painless. I recommend each of you, checking out the website and get one of this brushes. Now, if you are wondering about the price of this brush, well this brush cost $18.95, it is worth the money. Yes, this brush is definitely worth the money.  

The Knot Dr. ships internationally and you get free shipping over $25 or you pay a flat shipping rate of $5. 

Check out the website : The Knot Dr. 

**This blog post was in collaboration with The Knot Dr.**

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