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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, if any of you remember in my Affordable and High End Makeup Haul, you may have notice I did a little shopping at BH Cosmetics. Now, you are probably wondering why has it taken you so long to buy something for there. Well, the shipping cost to Canada was ridiculous before, it was like $21.95, but they have lowered it down to $12. I know that is still expensive for shipping, I always try to to work it out. I say if the shipping is over $10, do not only buy one thing, just get a few more items to help balance out the shipping cost. 

Anyway, if you do not who BH Cosmetics is, where have you been. If you watch a lot of YouTube like I do, you heard of  this company.  BH Cosmetics is a company that sell makeup products, tools and accessories for affordable price. Now, I decided to try out the liquid foundation because I wanted to see if it was any good and there were some mixed reviews on it. The price for the foundation is $9.00, I got it for $3.00, I know nice deal. I have use this foundation a couple times and a tutorial, but I can tell now whether or not I love this, I can handle, or I absolute hate it. I tried this foundation on two of the hottest day during the summer, so I can tell you now, how it handles the humid and hot weather. If you like to know my thoughts on this foundation, just keep on reading. 

BH Cosmetics claims that "This liquid foundation provides medium to full coverage for soft, flawless looking skin. Our unique fragrance free, lightweight formula creates a long-lasting finish for daily or professional studio wear". It comes in 12 shades.I got the shade, D3 - Deep Cocoa (red undertone).

For comparison, I am a NW50 in MAC, 32 in Clinique Even Better,  C8 in L'Oreal True Match,  and 320 in CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous.


The foundation comes in a small glass bottle with a pump. First off, I love the fact that it comes in a glass bottle, but I am fearful that I might drop it. Now, the pump, the feeling I have about this pump is crazy. When I first used this foundation the pump was working fine, it took a while to worked, but after a couple pump the foundation came out. However, after getting 1 pump of the foundation the pump stop working. Now, that I have tried the foundation out, the pump decides to work when it feel. Like I said, before when the pump does decided to work, you can only get one pump. So, I have to open the bottle to use the foundation. That is a huge disappointment to me. 

Texture and Consistency 

The texture of the foundation is creamy, it melts right into your face when you are applying it. The consistency of the foundation is thick, but thick that it not cakey looking. The blendability of the foundation is amazing, it blends right into the skin making it as one. I really enjoy the consistency and texture of this foundation. 


OMG, BH Cosmetics lied when they said that this foundation is "fragrance -free". It total bullshit, because when I first open the foundation, the first thing I noticed was the friggin smell of this foundation. It smells like a mixture of a perfume counter and sun screen, it smell terrible. The scent doesn't linger on the face when it is applied, but the scent lingers on any makeup tool or sponge I use. 

Coverage and Finish 

The coverage of this foundation is medium to full coverage, you can definitely get a full coverage from this foundation. I applied two to three pumps of this foundation (consider that I have to open to use, but it about the that) with my beautyblender or Real Techniques Buffing Brush. It provides good coverage for me and I find that I do not have to spot conceal at all, but if you have any imperfections that are still showing through, you are going to have to spot conceal, if necessary.  The finish of this foundation is dewy when first applied, but when it starts to set it almost has a natural finish. 

Staying Power 

The staying power of this  foundation is amazing. I wore it one day for 16 hours, just to see the longevity of this foundation. It was insane to see how well this foundation lasted, there was no fading in any area of my face. Now, for every application of this foundation I used a primer, but my t-zone, especially my nose is really oily, so I have to use a primer and set my face with powder. I would recommend using a primer with this foundation, you will get a better application and result. The foundation oxides when it applied to the face and with longer wear, it oxides in a way that it looks more like your skin colour. Now, when it comes to heat, it does not stay as long, you maybe able to get a 6 hours wear, but all depends on how humid and hot it is. For the fall and winter, the staying powder of this foundation is amazing. I use it all right now and it's fall here in Canada. 


I like this foundation , I do not love it. First off, the pump really bothers me that it does work anymore, so I have to take off the pump to  use this foundation. Secondly, there should be more product, this foundation is less than an average foundation, there is only 0.85 oz. of product. Lastly, the scent. I can't get passed the scent. The scent only is a major turn off  for me. The shade choice of this foundation was perfect for me, it looked too red at first, but after I blended into my skin nicely. What I do love about this foundation is the coverage, finish texture, and consistency. BH cosmetics knock it out of the park, when creating the medium to full coverage, smooth texture and thick consistency, and the longevity in the fall and winter months. Overall, I am happy with the foundation, but I will probably not repurchase this foundation because there are better affordable foundation out there, but I did repurchase this foundation, it would be purposely for the fall and winter months, not for the summer and spring. 

Have you tried this foundation? Did you love it or loathe it? Don't forget to share, comment and +1'd. 

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