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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

I recently purchase the BH Cosmetics 14 - Piece Signature Brush Set on BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics is a makeup company where you can find cheap makeup brushes, eye palette, lipsticks and etc.

Now the discount for this brush was amazing. The original price for the brush was $30.00 and they were having a Cyber Sale for July for up to 70% off on summer essentials. I got this brush set for $16, can you believe it. The cheapest option to ship to Canada (Canada Post 8-11 days) $12.95.

BH Cosmetics website describes the set as:

Classy and chic, this 14 piece brush set is big on style and sophistication. This gorgeous cruelty free set features super soft synthetic hair and a wonderful variety of both eye and face brushes. Long glossy white and gold handles sit perfectly inside the XL size white brush cylinder that boasts our signature BH Cosmetics pattern in gold and snaps tightly to travel or store on your countertop or vanity. 

The set came with a carrying case, which I am in love with because it can be used for many different things, perfect for storing brushes on your vanity or packing brushes for travelling. It is white with a quilted pattern with BH logo in gold. It splits open in half with two buttons on outer sides flaps that connect the two. The set includes five face brushes and nine eye brushes.  The brushes are all synthetic hair and are really soft. I have not experience any shedding for any of these brushes. They are really easy to clean and they are good at blending out to give you a flawless airbrushed look. If you would like to more about this set, just keep on reading. 

0 | BH Cosmetics XL White Brush Cylinder

This cylinder makes this brushes set travel-friendly. It is fits all the brushes perfectly and this is some space to add more brushes if needed. It also look amazing on your vanity, especially because is white and gold, which is a timeless look.  This cylinder adds a touch of chic and luxury to the brush set.

1 | BH Cosmetics Powder Brush

This powder brush is perfect for setting your face with powder. Due to the fact, that is quite dense it allow you to get more coverage with powders. I love how the brush applies powder, it is soft against the skin and does not feel starchy. I love the fact that this brush has a little weight to it, because of the heave handles.

2 | BH Cosmetics Flat Contour Brush

This flat contour brushes is perfect for applying liquid foundation. Due to the fact that this brush is very dense it allows for flawless application. I do not know how the heck this is a contour brush, I would never use it as a contour brush. It is better for liquid foundation and it fits into the flat kabuki brush meaning that you will get the coverage that you desire.

3 | BH Cosmetics Domed Buffing Brush

This domed buffing brush is perfect for you girls who love mineral makeup. It buffs in powder so beautifully into the skin. You can use this with powder foundation also, non-mineral. I have tried it and my powder foundation was legit flawless and airbrushed. The shape of the brush is similar to Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush, so here is a cheaper alternative to that brush.

4 | BH Cosmetics Small Contour Brush

This small contour brush is perfect for contouring the face. I love this brush for contouring because it fits perfectly into my hollows of my cheeks. I prefer this type of contouring brush rather the infamous NARS ITA brush because this allow me to get the precise contour I want but it also blends it out perfectly. This brush will also be good for blending out concealer because density which allows for a full coverage application.

5 | BH Cosmetics Angled Blush Brush

This angled blush brush is perfect for more precise blush application. However, I would not use it for blush for myself, but maybe anyone who have a small cheek area. I would use this brush for bronzer or even a light contour because the angle allows for it to fit into the hollows of the cheeks, nose, forehead, temples,  and jawline because it allows for a precise application rather than all over the face.

6 | BH Cosmetics Tapered Blending Brush

This tapered blending brush is essential, it is great for blending. Because it is tapered it allow your apply eyeshadow in your crease and blend it out. The brush is dense but soft for a seamlessly blending of powder and cream eyeshadows.

7 |BH Cosmetics Crease Shading Brush

This crease shading brush is perfect for detailed application of eyeshadow. The shape of the brush very narrow and straight allows to have perfect crease work. This brush would be perfect for cut crease look. This brush is small enough to move around the eyes without blending the eyeshadows.

8 |BH Cosmetics Large Flat Shadow and Concealer Brush

This large flat shadow and concealer brush is perfect for applying shadow all over the lid and covering under eyes with concealer. I would use this brush to apply pigments or glitter on lid more so than concealer.

9 |BH Cosmetics Medium Flat Shadow and Concealer Brush

This medium flat shadow and concealer brush is the same as the large flat shadow and concealer, but just a smaller version, This brush is perfect for more detailed application and apply pigments or glitter into a certain area of the eyelid

10 |BH Cosmetics Tapered Smudger Brush

This tapered smudger brush is  perfect for detailed application and  smudging eyeshadow and kohl eyeliner. This can be use to clean up around the lips because the bristles are dense enough to do so.

11 |BH Cosmetics Small Detailing Brush

This small detailing brush doubles as a lip brush. It is also perfect for apply shadow in the tear duct area.

12 |BH Cosmetics Angled Brow and Liner Brush

This angled brow and liner brush is perfect for brows. It apply products on the brown perfectly, works well with powder and cream products. This brush allows have precise lines that give you a natural finish to the brows.  It good as an eyeliner brush, but I prefer the next one for eyeliner.

13 |BH Cosmetics Bent Fine Liner Brush

This bent fine line brush is perfect to apply liquid or cream liner. The bent in the brush allows you to apply eyeliner on the lids without touching the lashes. The bristle are dense and thin enough to give you a precise, thin and even application.

14 |BH Cosmetics Spooley Brush

This spooley brush is perfect to groom eyebrows and blend products on the brows. The bristle are soft but dense to get the job done. I love this brush, I use it everyday for my brows, it is literally my holy grail spooley brush.

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The BH Cosmetics 14 piece Signature Brush Set is perfect for anyone who is starting their collection or who is professional. The quality of these brushes are amazing and they are very soft for synthetic brushes.  The brush set look and feel so luxurious, that you would like it would cost more than it does. It comes is a travel -friendly brush cylinder which add a nice décor touch to your vanity. All of the brushes wash well and then is no shedding at all. Most of the brushes can be used for different application and techniques, which mean if you are on a budget this set is the way to go. I love this brush set and I happy with my brush. I get the same quality for any affordable brushes and I get an amazing finish look that is flawless. I would recommend you guys to check it out. 

Are you going to purchase this brush set, let me in the comment below? Don't forget to share, comment and +1'd. 

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