Worth the Hype : Makeup Forever Step 1 Equalizer Mattifying Primer

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, have you guys have heard about Makeup Forever New Skin Equalizer Step Primers, if not where have you been. MUFE have released these primers earlier in the year and I am now jumping on to the band wagon. Honestly, I didn't want to fall into the hype of these primer especially if the mattifying primer is silicone based. I have realized when it comes to face primers, the best primer for combo/oily skin is a silicone, but silicone makes my skin for some reason more oily. It does not control my oil, so I feel like there is no point of use a primer.

Anyway, back to the MUFE primers. These STEP 1 line of primers is to help transform your skin while addressing different skin issues such as dullness, redness, dryness, large pores and shine, and etc. all in their own unique formula to help tackle the skin issues.  I do not have all 10 to share, but I will focusing on one which is part of 5 primers that tackles texture concerns. The other five primer are formulated to correct the tone of your skin and radiance.

MUFE promises that the Skin Equalizer line will
"the promise of triple the power of foundation by improving application, enhancing colour, finish and boosting hold. This is because of the new and exclusive EQUALIZER COMPLEX  which is a triple dose of active ingredients"
  • Act-tensor 3D, blurs imperfections and creates lifting effect
  • Regeactive, a vegetal sugar that boosts cellular renewal for a more unified texture
  • Hyaluronic acid, hydrates the skin, while protecting against water loss
The primer is water and silica based which is different for the standard primer for mattifying primer, which is silicone-laden formula, which I told you early that those type of primer do not work for me.

STEP 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer, promises it is the answer to unwanted shine, fighting against excess oil to ensure a matte makeup result. Formulated with our specific Sebustop Vegetal Complex, this first skin equalizer instantly reduces pore size and controls shine for a flawless makeup all day long.

I purchase the travel size of the mattifying primer which is 15ml/0.5 fl. oz. and is $19. If you would like to know my thoughts on this primer, then just keep on reading. 


The primer come is a grey squeeze tube with a precise and narrow tip. The only thing that I think could be a good or bad thing for some people is that it is difficult to squeeze. I find it to be a good thing because you have better control of how much product you would like to use.
MUFE Step 1 Equalizer Mattifying Primer -Travel Size
MUFE Primer - Narrow Tip 

Texture and Consistency

The consistency of this primer is thick, almost paste like and a pale white beige hue on my skin. The texture of the primer is the same as the BECCA Ever Matte Primer, meaning it has a tacky feeling, almost like glue. It dries matte and leave a little white cast when does not change the colour of the foundation.


The longevity of the primer is amazing. OMG, when I first tried this primer the longevity sucks as, but it was due to the fact that I did not allow it to dry completely before apply my foundation. But learning for my mistake, the primer will have prolong my makeup for a good couple, it can really last for 8 hours. My oiliness start to come through the 7th hour mark, which is amazing.


I love this Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer primer. This is the only high end primer that I have tried and really works for me. I love how it pro longs my makeup wear. It is a define repurchase, but will I repurchase the travel size again or the full size. Well, that all depends on my funds, I think I will be repurchase the travel size for a well, until  I am ready to fork out $43 for the full size product. I definitely recommend you guys to try other primers from this line that is best suited for your skin texture. 

Hope you enjoyed this review. Have your tried the Makeup Forever Primers? Don't forget to share, +1'd, and comment down below. 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm putting this on my "primers to try" shortlist.