The Fall Favourites Tag by Jaclyn Hill

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Since it is fall, I though I was a good idea to do a fall tag post. If anyone have been watching YouTube lately, you have seen that there is a fall tag going around. This tag was created by Jaclyn Hills ( fav youtuber). She made her own version of the fall tag and I thought, it would be fun for me to do. 

So, let's get started 

Here are the questions : 

Favourite Fall Candle

My favourite fall candle would have to be, Mahogany Teakwood. It literally smell like a sexy, husky male with a little warmth. I love it. 

Favourite Fall Lip Colour

Well, I do not have one favourite fall lip colour. I have like four of them. I always wear these four, no matter the place, school to casual day to night out. 
  • MAC Rebel
  • NARS Velvet Matte Pencil in Cruella
  • MAC Hang Up 
  • NYC Ultra Moist Lipstick in Mahogany 

Favourite Fall Drink

I am not going to the basic white girl and say Starbucks ( but I love Starbucks, just not for colder months). The Canadian in me, is going to say Tim Horton's. As soon as it starts to get colder, I start getting a medium French Vanilla. 

Favourite Fall Blush

Hands down, it goes to Jordana blush in Cinnamon Spice. I love this colour blush because it is a warm brick red with brown undertones (maybe, a dupe for MAC Raisin). Perfect for fall, actually. 

Favourite Fall Clothing Item

I have two fall favourite clothing items, cause I can't just have one. My ride or die is my flannel. You don't understand, I wear flannel until fall ends, I never wear the women flannel, I always wear the men one. Also, I have to have jacket and this jacket for chill crisp autumn days, I love the leather sleeves, making it different and unique. I got the flannel for Bluenotes, Men, Size: Large for about $25 and I got the jacket also at Bluenotes, Women, Size : X-Large for about $30. 

Favourite Fall Movie

My favourite fall movies would have be all the Halloweentown movies and Twitches movies. I have watched both of this every year, since they have came out. I love it, it is a great sibling movie day for my sisters and I. 

Favourite Fall TV Show 

My favourite fall TV show is by far EMPIRE. It even my favourite show of all time, I love this show so much, I can not describe through a blog post. My favourite characters are Cookie and Jamal (though he turning into his father, Lucious )

Favourite Thanksgiving Food

Well, here in Canada Thanksgiving is in October, so my favourite food is everything.My mom makes all of my favourite foods. From turkey to mash potatoes to garlic bread to jollof rice (Ghanaian food). 

Favourite Halloween Costume 

My favourite Halloween costume would have to be a last year when I was a chola/gangster. It was a last minute costume and I have to say it came out better than I thought it would. 

I hope you enjoyed this fall tag. Answer these questions in the comment section below, I would love to know what your fall favourites are. 

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