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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

I am bring you a review. I feel that I have been doing a lot of dupes and I want to mix it up a bit. It is so hard writing a post when you mind sometimes goes blank. If you guys have any request for me to write leave it in the comment section below, so I can write it for you all. 

Anyways, lets get back. If you all remember, in the summer I did a huge affordable and high end makeup haul and I said that is focused mostly on brushes, cause I need more of them. Well, this time I decided to get my hand on the Real Techniques Sculpting Collectors Edition brushes. I saw that Sam and Nic released this brush set and I had to try it because I am huge fan of Real techniques brushes and provides some of the best quality and affordable brushes on the market. 

The set comes with three brushes and each brush has a gorgeous metallic pink handle and skunk bristles. The bristles on these brushes are super soft. There is no shedding, everything I was expecting from Real Techniques. 

The three brushes within the Real Techniques Sculpting Set are 

Sculpting Brush 

This brush has wide angled brush head that is designed to fit into the contours of the face. I found that this brush can be used for anything besides contouring the face. It actually makes a great foundation brush because it is a wide angled brush that fit in all the nooks and crannies of the face. It can also be used for bronzer, as well. 

Fan Brush 

A large, duo fiber that pick us powder products. Perfect for highlighting the face or sweeping excess powder. First off, this is my first fan brush and I love. I feels so soft and has a duo fiber bristles which allow for a soft application of highlight to my face. I enjoy using this with my baked highlighters in Missy Lynn Palette from BH Cosmetics and it applies beautiful. It almost look like I am glowing from within. 

Setting Brush 

This brush is par of the OG "original" Real Techniques brushes. However, this setting brush is smaller and somewhat tapered than the old one. It is perfect for setting under the eye, highlighting, blending out concealer and even contouring. I love this brush, I do not own the OG setting brush, but I have this one now. Before this, I was using the RT contour brush to set under my eyes and though I loved it, it was kinda large. This brush is perfect for setting under the eye because it literally fit perfectly. This is a brush that should be in your makeup bag, for sure. 


I love this sculpting set. These brushes are so soft and they are beautifully designed. I love that I can use these brushes for any purpose that I may have when I do have the right brushes at the moment. I love that Sam and Nic used one type of bristles to create their brushes. Allowing consumer, to have one unified feel of the brushes for everyone to love the soft synthetic bristles. I do not have a favourite brush because each brush does something amazing for men and help me create my final look which always look flawless. 

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