Budget Beauty | Jessup Brush Set vs. Sigma Premium Set

Hello Dolls and Gents,

Tonight, I am bringing you a PSA (public service announcement, if you didn't know). I was browsing through the Sigma website and I realized that their Premium Set is the same as my Jessup 15 pc. brush set,which I reviewed for you all. 

I swear, I looked at it and I was 'I saved a whole lot of money, right here'. I was happy that I found a cheaper alternative for you guys, so you do not have to spend over $100 to get good quality brush. 


For this post, I will providing high end brushes that is the same as the Jessup brushes. I am showing MAC and Sigma brushes. FYI, one of the MAC brushes is discontinued, so you can get anymore, but you will know a cheaper alternative. Also,this going to be photo heavy. If you like to saved over $100 , keep reading. 


 Large Powder - perfect for bronzer and face powder

Dupe of:
MAC 134

Sigma F20

Tapered Face - tulip shape brush great for bronzer, blush, contour, and face powder 

Dupe of: 

MAC 138

Sigma F25
Powder/Blush - small tapered flat face brush great for blush, soft contouring and setting powder 

Dupe of:
Sigma F10

MAC 129 
Tapered Highlighter - small 'tulip' tapered brush perfect for setting under the eye, powder highlighter and contouring 

Dupe of:
MAC 165

Sigma F35
Duo Fiber - medium size duo fiber brush with a little pinch, which is great for liquid foundation, cream blush, liquid and powder highlighting and cream contour 

Dupe of :
Sigma F15

MAC 131 


Large Fluff - oversized eye brush, perfect for under eye concealer, eye bases and nose contouring 

Dupe of :
MAC 227

Sigma F50
Concealer - small flat concealer brush, perfect for cream products, shaping brows, blemish concealing, clean lips with concealer 

Dupe of :
Sigma F75

MAC 195

Large Concealer - large flat concealer paddle brush, but small to fit under the eye. Great for under eye concealing, cream contouring and perfect for pump-less foundation 

Dupe of :
Sigma F65
MAC 192
Blending - versatile eye brush with pinched ferrule making it perfect for blending and placing colour in the crease 

Dupe of :
MAC 217

Sigma E25

Tapered Blending - versatile eye brush without a pinched ferrule allowing a fluffier brush, which is perfect for blending eyeshadow and even concealer 

Dupe of :
MAC 222

Sigma E35

Short Shader - small 'c' shaped brush, which is great for inner tear highlight, smoking out the lower lash line and brow highlight 

Dupe of :
Sigma E20

MAC 214

Small Tapered Blending - small dense blending brush, perfect for precise crease work and blending

Dupe of :
Sigma E45

MAC 226

Flat Definer - flat, short, firm and thin brush is perfect for brows, shaping brows, applying shadow on the lower lash line or cleaning up a lip colour with concealer 

Dupe of : 
MAC 214

Sigma E15
Small Eyeliner - thin firm liner perfect for creating a thin liner or even winged liner 

Dupe of :
Sigma E10

MAC 210

Lip - perfect lip brush to have and comes with handle that double as a cover for the brush 
 Dupe of :

Sigma L05

MAC 316 

Hope you enjoyed this post and I just saved you a lot of money. I purchase this Jessup 15 pc. brush set on eBay. Don't forget to comment, share, and +1'd. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, you saved over $100. I need to get this brush set as soon as possible. I can't believe that I never knew about this. Thank you so much for telling me this.