Dollar and Sense : Concealers

by - 10:36 PM

Hello Dolls and Gents, 

First off, sorry for the late post today. 

I am bringing you another dollar and sense post. I know that many people want to get the high end products, but sometimes we confuse we want with what we need. You need a certain product, but do we have to blow our budget to get the product we need?

I am bringing you tonight, concealer dupes. I have never purchase a high end concealer, I stick to my L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer which is better than some of the higher end concealer out in the market. So, here is dollar and sense: concealer edition. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do you know any concealer dupe, leave them down below for me and other readers. Don't forget to share, comment, and +1'd. 

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  1. Oh concealer dupe. Must try this out.

    1. You must try them out, it only fair.Let me how it works out for you