Body Care : My Secret to Clear Skin

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So, I thought this post would be helpful to anyone who is having trouble having clear skin on their body. Now, many people do not know what I am going to talk about that is because this secret is only made aware between me and my mom. However, this is one ingredient that everyone will know, if you are from Africa, then we called this soap many different names. 

What I am thinking about, is that this soap my mom has made with two main ingredients are African Black Soap and Dettol Antiseptic. My mom made me a mixture of soap because when I was younger, my skin was a problem and I had eczema. If something, did agree with my skin, my skin would breakout like crazy and I'll have some many rashes. 

I stop using this soap for a year and my skin was fine, until I came home and I realized that started getting rashes. I went to the doctor and they said that I have the adult version of rashes, so they gave me a cream and I used it for 7 to 14 days and took a break. But, whenever I stop using it, the rashes would come back. My mom was so annoyed that she made this soap for me to using to help with the rashes. 

I have been using the soap for two weeks, now and I do not need to put the rashes cream on my rashes anymore because the soap is killing the rashes. I also use this one my face when I have rashes or pimples. 

So, you are probably wondering, how the heck my mom came up with this and how does she do it. My mom use a number of different bar soaps from the beauty supply store and gets the African Black Soap either for a local Ghana store or from Ghana. Then, she grates all the bar soap in a bucket with a cheese grater. After she adds some of the African Black Soap and pour in a whole bottle of Dettol Antiseptic and mix it together. She rolls into medium sized balls or place them in a container. 

This is the results of mixing all the bar, African Black Soap and Antiseptic Dettol. WARNING, THIS SOAP DOES NOT LOOK NICE, BUT IT WORKS VERY WELL. 

Hope this post was help to many of you. Remember, you can just the African Black Soap on it own and it will work wonder for you, for both face and body. Don't forget to share, comment, and +1'd.

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