Worth the Hype: beautyblender Pro

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Yes, I fell into the hype about the beautyblender, but instead of getting the Original beautyblender. I decided to get the beautyblender Pro for many different reasons. 

What intrigued me to purchasing the beautyblender Pro, when I saw YouTuber Jackie Aina use it in almost all her videos. Knowing that she is a women of colour, I thought there was some reasoning to why she is using the black beautyblender. This lead me to do some research about the product. 

The beautyblender websites says: 

"Pro is the perfect application method for darker-toned products that would be difficult to rinse clean from lighter colored applicator. Use with complexion products, long-wear makeup and self-tanners for flawless results."

Knowing that the beautyblender Pro is for darker toned products, I thought it would be perfect for me because as a women of colour all my foundation, concealer, powders, and etc. are darker toned and it would not stain the sponge, unlike the pink beautyblender that would stain quicker. If you would like to know my thoughts on this product, then just keep on reading. 

Now the Pro sponge is the same as the Original in terms of design. The Original beautyblender has more of a pointed tip than the Pro beautyblender. 


The Pro beautyblender comes inside of a container. It also came with instructions on how to use the beautyblender. The container look smaller in person than it does online. I was expecting a larger container that included the insert where I could put the beautyblender. 


Basically, you are going to take this and drunk it in water, so it can expand. Then you are going to squeeze the water out and then squeeze out the extra water with a towel. It is now ready to be used. The techniques of the beautyblender suggest stippling/bouncing motion to create a flawless face. The application of the beautyblender is amazing, it creates a natural finish which is dependent on what foundation you use. Now, I used what everyone and their momma loves this product, it is honestly good at applying foundation, concealer, powder, and etc. I have used it for foundation, concealer, setting the under eye and setting the entire face and I love the results it gives. 

This is my first time time using a sponge like this, I have used the Forever 21 beauty sponge, but it was more difficult to squeeze the water out and it really didn't expand in size. 

Size and Design 

The sponge is meant to used damp and it will expand to twice its size when it is wet. The design is perfect for it purpose - the rounded end work around the face, perfect for foundation and the pointed end fits under eyes and around nose and mouth, perfect for concealer and setting the under eye. 


One beautyblender cost $26 CAD and the double beautyblender comes with liquid cleanser for $50 CAD at Sephora


I love the beautyblender. I am glad that I fell into the hype because it was a good experience for me to try this out. It truly does an amazing job of applying and blending out your foundation, concealer, and powder. Now, will I repurchase it? I don't know because it is $26 for one beautyblender, though I love it the only time I will repurchase it is when I have the funds to do so, other than that I will take me a well for me to purchase the beautyblender after I throw this one out, eventually. 

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