Save or Toss? The Truth about Makeup Expiry Dates

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Do you have a product that you had for ages, but is still going strong? Well, we all have a couple products that we have for a long time and continue to use them. Well, I have some bad news for you, your makeup expires. 

Now, you're thinking 'MY MAKEUP EXPIRES' when and how the heck didn't I know that. Well, that is because beauty products do not have on have an expiry date like on food products, so it really difficult to know and plus we also do not think about makeup product expiring anyways. Why is this important? 

Well, cosmetic traps bacteria which mean that replacing regularly is key to avoid skin irritation, breakouts, eye infection and etc. Now, you're thinking 'How do I know when to toss the makeup'. Well, with more moisture the products the products have a shorter life span once it is open. Also, there will seperation or changes in texture or smell, which is a dead giveaway to throw out that product. Also, look for this symbol on your product to find out the expiry date. 

If you like to know when your beauty products expire, just keep on reading. 


Lifespan : 6 months to 1 year 
Tip : Keep your foundation germ-free for longer by keeping your fingers away for the neck of the bottle. Instead, drip the formula onto the back of your hand or add a pump to your foundation. If you notice that your foundation starts to separate, it's time to toss it. 

Lipstick and Gloss

Lifespan : 1 year
Tip : It is time to throw out your lip products when they change in their texture, meaning that they have dried out or gotten goopy. Make sure you favourite lip products last longer by keeping it in a cool dry place 

Lip and Eye Liners 

Lifespan : 1 year
Tip : Pencils last longer than any eye product, because they are constantly being sharpened. Keep your liners away from your steamy bathroom to help extend their life. 


Lifespan : 3 months
Tip : Replace your mascara regularly is important to avoid eye infection. Switch out every three months or sooner when the formula get clumpy or dries out or starts to smell funny, which mean it has gone bad. Also, NEVER SHARE MASCARA! 

Liquid Eyeliner 

Lifespan : 3 to 4 months 
Tip : Just like mascara, do not share your liquid eyeliner, since germ are the biggest enemy. 

Blush, Bronzer, and Powder 

Lifespan : 2 years 
Tip: These years product that are the long lasting colour cosmetics you will every buy, powder formula last longer around two full years. 

Cream Blush and Multiple Sticks 

Lifespan : 12 to 18 months 
Tip: Toss cream blush and 'multiple' sticks when you notice change in texture and always use clean hands when apply them, to keep the tubes and pots germ-free. 


Lifespan : 3 to 6 months 
Tip: While powder shadow can last a long as powder blush, they should be replaced often since they are used around the eyes. 

Nail Polish 

Lifespan : 1 to 2 years
Tip: Heat and direct sunlight will make you nail polish separate and change the colour faster, so store  your nail polish upright in cool, dry place. 

Gel Liner 

Lifespan : 2 months 
Tip: A pot of gel eye liner should only be use for a few months because it is easily traps bacteria. 


Lifespan : 1 to 2 years 
Tip : Keep your liquid concealer for 1 year and powder concealer for two years. Keep the concealer germ-free. 

Brow Pencil 

Lifespan : 18 months 
Tip : Because this is pencil, it is constantly being sharpened. Keep away for steamy bathroom. 

Eyeshadow Palette 

Lifespan : 1 year
Tip : Clean your eyeshadow palette by using Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to life all the dirt and grim. 

Hope this is helpful to many of you. Don't forget to Share, +1'd, and comment below for any requests. 

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