Budget Beauty | Hard Candy Shine Free Sheer Envy Primer

Hello Dolls and Gents

Today, I am bringing you a product rant. I think these are my favourite type of reviews to write because when I truly hate a product, I have the chance to share all the cons with you guys. 

Up for trial today is the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Shine - Free Primer. Now it is guilty or not guilty for being a crappy product. Let's find out. 

Hard Candy Shine Free Sheer Envy Primer is one of the six new primers launched for Hard Candy Spring 2014 Collection. This primer is kinda a dupe for the Smashbox Photo Finish but this primer is a way thicker formula. This primer is a translucent silicone primer, which it think does not work for my combo/oily skin. The thickness of the primer allows there to be a pile when applied. When applying to the face, it starts to rolls into smaller balls of silicone. I do not understand why that happens and it is not a great thing for a primer that is 'supposedly' mattifying. 

It has a velvet powder finish which is perfect for soaking up oil , but it does not for me. I feel that the fact is the pills is so much when applying the primer that affects the how the primer is supposed to work. It literally looks like your skin is peeling and you are able to rolls your dead skin into ball. The longevity of this primer is horrible, I applied to see how long it would wear and it does not even last me two hours and my oils have broken through. So called mattifying primer is doing a terrible job. I kept this primer, just to rant about. But, now it time to throw it out cause it was a waste of $6 or $8 dollars at Walmart.

My final verdict is that this primer is guilty for being a crappy primer. You can skip this primer, don't even look at it. It is not worth the $8 that is spent. You can find a better drugstore primer that does not look like a layer of your skin is peeling off. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. 

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