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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Everyone know that the most important thing to makeup application is makeup brushes. Makeup brushes make a difference in the application of the product we are using. Makeup brushes range from price to brand, some brushes are high quality well other are not. It is important to know that you can have a different range of brushes from different brands.

Look at makeup is art, which it is. Every stroke, application and colour choice that you make helps creates the final look. You are the canvas and you need to be more aware of the tools of your work and what tools you will need to create the final look. I will discussing the low down of makeup brushes and providing an ultimate guide, so I decided to divided into three parts. So, if you would like to know the about hair types and structure, just keep on reading. 

Makeup Brush Hair Type and Makeup Brush Structure 
We know that makeup brushes are important beauty tools that every girl or woman should own. We also know that with gentle and regular cleansing the brushes should last a lifetime.

When looking at a makeup brush, there are three parts to them: hair, handle and ferrule.
The ferrule is the metal piece that connects the handle and also hold the bristles in place.

Now, let's move on to makeup brush hair types.  There are six different types of makeup brush hairs : goat hair, pony hair, sable hair, badger hair, squirrel hair and synthetic hair.

 Goat Hair
NARS Bronzer Brush

Goat is one the coarsest hair and is very common in makeup brushes . Because goat hair does not come to a point, it is the most effective to pick up powder and deposit it smoothly on skin. Also, it is ideal for buffing and blending.

Pony Hair
Makeup Forever Blush Brush

Pony hair is the most common type for fluffy cheek, contour and powder brushes that deposits more of a dense colour. Because pony hair does not come to a point it is great to use on the cheeks, because it allows the bristles to lend themselves well blending . Pony hair is less coarse than goat hair, it is more fine and soft.

Sable Hair
Tarte Eyeshadow Brush 

Sable hair is the most durable and soft hair. They are looked as an investment and with proper care it can last a life time. There three types of sable hair: Kolinsky is the highest quality, Red Sable   and Plain Sable. Sable hair is popular for being very resilient, they snap back and have pointy tips. The hair are long with a fine pointed tip and thick in the middle for a more natural conical shape.

Badger Hair
Morphe BK8 Deluxe Fan Brush

Badger hair is the firmest bristles, which is perfect for eyebrow brushes, fan brushes and bronzer brushes. Badger hair usually comes from China and the structure of the bristles is similar to sable hair, being thicker in the middle and thin at the top and tapers to a conical shape. High quality badger hair has light and dark brown color. Even though, badger hair is very firm, it is very soft and has elastic quality so it will  never scratch your face during application.

Squirrel Hair
Sephora Professional Natural Crease Brush

Squirrel hair is durable, fine, thin and has thick middle with a fine tip, also having the conical shape. This is one of the softest natural hair brushes. Squirrel hair is ideal for blending heavy pigment, which is commonly found with eyeshadow crease brushes.

Synthetic Hair
Real Techniques Blush Brush

Synthetic hair brushes are from synthetic material like nylon which provides a smooth and even finish for cream products. Common type of synthetic hair is used to apply concealer, cream shadow, cream brush, or cream foundation which is taklon.

Now, they we have learned about the structure of a makeup brush and types of makeup brush hair, in the next post we will move on to face makeup brushes.

I hope this Ultimate Makeup Guide Part 1 was helpful to many beginners and answered some questions that you may have had about makeup brushes. 

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