May Monthly Favourites

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Another month has gone by and you know what that means, it means is Monthly Favourites. I not going to lie, I totally forget about monthly favourites and I feel like I never like anything new within a month, but this month I have a few product I have been loving for the month of May. If you would like to see what I have been loving, just keep on reading. 

Clinique Even Better in Pecan (32)

Again, this month I have being loving this foundation for a more natural look.It provides amazing coverage and it is the perfect everyday foundation for the spring time. I will be definitely purchasing the full size foundation shortly.

Annabelle Coral Lip Liner + MAC Rebel

In my 10 Lip Combo with 1 Lip Liner, I showed this lip combo and I have been wearing it nonstop. This provides me with a fuchsia lip colour and a lot of people have been complimenting me on this lip colour. Now, I want to find a brighter lip colour for the spring and summer.

ELF Powder Brush

I love this powder brush, I used to applied foundation and powder. It is only $3, nothing can go wrong with that price. Though, I experience some shedding and ferrule has comes off the handle a couple time, I do not mind repurchasing this brush. 

Forever 21 Beauty Sponge

This beauty is okay, I have not tried the beauty blender so I can't compare. Though, this beauty sponge is good for apply foundation, it soaks up a lot of water and take forever it squeeze it out. But I still love using this, especially with my Clinique Even Better Foundation. 

Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush

This pointed foundation brush has being the way I have been applying foundation and concealer to face. I do not own a lot of foundation brush,  but I just use this to apply the product on my face and then use my ELF powder brush or Forever 21 beauty sponge to blend out.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 325 Cream Beige

This is definitely a late favourite, but I have always used this powder to set my highlight, but I always used a brush. This time around I used a cosmetic wedge to apply this powder and I have been loving how it is looking.

Maybelline Fit Me + Maybelline Matte and Poreless in 355 Coconut

If I am not wearing my Clinique Even Better foundation, I am wearing this foundation combination. I have a love hate relationship with the Maybelline Fit Me. When Maybelline came out with the Matte and Poreless, I went ahead and purchased it in the colour 355 and it a little too light for me, so I mixed with the original fit and I love how it look. It matches me perfectly and it has a satin finish.

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in 24 Just Gorgeous 

This is my everyday lip colour or the lip gloss topper. I purchased this lip gloss a while back and then I lost and they found that one of my sister has it so I took it back. I forget how much I love this colour, especially over a lip liner or on its own.

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