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Hello Dolls and Gents,

Today, I decided to do another product review because I think my readers need to more inform with the products out there. In my last product review, I talked about the L'Oreal True Match Foundation. I decided to tackle the most famous foundation at MAC, that everyone either loves or hates, it is the Studio Fix Fluid. If would like to found out if I love or hate this foundation, keep reading.

Story Behind Getting MAC Studio Fix Fluid 
First off, I LOVE this foundation for my skin type. A lot of people do not like foundation because it causes them to breakout. When purchasing this foundation, I did a lot of research and I was skeptical on purchasing it because everyone I watch on YouTube either loved it or hated it. I decided I would go get a sample of the foundation and see if I like the coverage, finish, longevity and most importantly, if I could be colour matched properly. For the reviews I looked at and watch, a lot of dark and deeper skin tone women said they were matched to the wrong colour and that every MAC employee is trying to place black women in the NW45 shade. After hearing this, I was like “they better not match me to NW45, because I am darker than that. I went to a MAC counter and I asked I could be match in this foundation. The MAC employee that help me was very nice and did not match me incorrectly. She applied NW50 and NW55 at my jawline, then after applied half of my face with NW50 and the other half of NW55. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I could not tell the difference between the two sides. Keep in mind that my skin had not warmed up to the product and my natural oils did not come through yet. After couple minutes, I looked back in the mirror and myself and the MAC makeup artist realized the NW55 shade was darker than my natural skin tone and the NW50 matched much better. So I decided to get the NW50, knowing with time it will oxidize and match perfectly.

Lowdown of Studio Fix Fluid 
MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a slightly thick foundation, which is packaged in a glass bottle and you can purchase a pump separately, I wish I did that. The formula of the foundation is a silicone based with a medium to full buildable coverage. This silicone formula make it easy to blend and blur out pores. There are 38 shades that MAC offers for the Studio Fix line. This maybe a good or bad thing, though MAC provides 38 different shades, they are a bit off. Most MAC foundation is categorize in two undertones, NC (yellow) and NW (pink). Sometimes the undertones does not perfectly match our skin. The wear is different for many different people, people normal to dry skin it will wear really well and last all day. Unlike, combination to oily skin people there will shine and will transfer at some point.

I personally love this foundation. It provides a medium to full coverage with a semi-matte finish. I do not wear this foundation on a day to day basis, I wear this foundation when I have an event or a long day ahead of me. I love the coverage it provides, for myself I prefer medium to full coverage so it allows my skin to breathe a bit. Also, I love that is photographs beautifully. My application with this foundation is with my ELF Powder Brush or Real Techniques Contour Brush.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW50

A few problems I have with this foundation is smell, pump, and longevity. The foundation smells like fishy paint smell. But when you apply it your face you smell it but in a few minutes after blending, the smell is gone. Also, it does not come with a pump, you have to purchase the pump separately for $10. I wish got a pump, because it is the application a lot cleaner. Also, the other issues is the wear on my skin. Because I have combination skin, my nose it the oiliness place in my t-zone. So, when I wear this foundation my cheeks, chin and forehead look perfect, not oils, however my nose is so oily that the foundation will transfer. This is my only high end foundation I own and I am looking to purchase a few more. But it cost $32, if you are someone who does not want to spend that money, I recommend the Revlon ColorStay.

All in all, I love this foundation and when it runs out I may or may not repurchase it.

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