Beauty Guide : How to Find Your Perfect Foundation

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

Since I posted my foundation collection I have been thinking about how many of my readers  are going to purchase the foundations I posted about, but do not have the same skin type as me. This got thinking about one question: Which foundation should I use?

It is the most common question every doll and gents asked when they see someone. According to Dr. Sarah Vickery, CoverGirl principal scientist, says that only 15% of women purchase the right foundation when certain steps are not taken. There are different types of foundation in the beauty market and this confuses my people. Should I get liquid? Or will I prefer a mousse texture? Do I need a mineral foundation? The list goes on forever. Take this and combined it with the process of finding a foundation shade for your skin tone.

When choosing the perfect foundation for yourself there are several factors that come into play such as the formula for your skin type, finish, and budget. So I am going to help you find the perfect foundation.

Determining Your Skin Type
Your skin type plays a role in how certain foundation formula will sit on your skin. For instance, I have combo/oily skin, so using a moisturizing foundation stick would make things worse around my nose area, it may sometimes causes breakouts. For the most part, foundations are made for five different skin types: dry, oily/combination, mature, sensitive, and normal. This does not mean you cannot overlap with other skin types.
  • If you have dry skin, your skin often feel tights and flaking around your driest areas, and your complexion is dull with some red patched. Also you have nearly invisible pores
  • If you have oily/combination skin, you have enlarged pores with either a dull or shiny complexion. You also easily breakout and have many blackheads.
  • If you have mature skin, your skin is dull, you have uneven complexion with many fine lines and wrinkles and often struggle to keep your skin hydrated. Also, this comes with age so there is not avoiding it.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you experience irritation and may breakout in rashes. Irritated skin can be dry, and itch or burn.
  • If you have normal skin, you have a healthy luminous complexion with few imperfections and small pores. Also, there is no history of skin irritation after using any products

Choosing Your Finish
The "finish" refers to the "texture" or "sheen" of the foundation. It is separated into four categories: semi-matte/natural, matte, satin/luminous, and sheer.
  • A matte finish is a flat finish without any shimmer or dewiness. It will most likely be an oil-absorbing foundation that leave your skin smooth, powdery appearance.
  • A semi-matte/natural finish is the most common and work well for most skin types. It gives the most natural look with a subtle glow.
  • A satin/luminous finish is for those who want a very dewy look. Dewy as in a natural glow, not greasy. Many people get this confuse with "oily". If you have oily skin, you may or may not try this finish.
  • A sheer finish is a light coverage and is usually used to cover minor skin imperfection. Think tinted moisturizer or bb cream.

Skin Tone and Skin Undertones
In my post, "What is Your Undertone", I discuss that importance of your undertone of your skin tone. I highly recommend reading "What is Your Undertone" and do some simple tests that I mention to determine your undertones. Once you know your skin tone and undertones, shade matching with a piece of cake.

Try Out In-Store
When you've determined the best formula for your skin type, as well as your skin tone and undertones, choose three or four shades closest to your skin tone. Don't forget out in-store.

The best way to find the right foundation for your skin tone is to apply a bit of each colour (from lightest to darkest) in different swatches at your jawline or neck. It's best to do this on clean skin. Most people try to shade match foundations on their hand or wrist, is not the ideal spot because your hands and wrist is more neutral. The colour the disappears into the skin is the perfect shade for you.

As you can see in the photo, the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous in 320 Soft Sable and MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW50 seem to disappear into my skin, while the other are way too light. These colours work the best for my complexion.

NOTE: Stores have harsh fluorescent lighting, which make foundation look different than normal. TIP: Go outside to check the shades in natural daylight. 

Department Store or Drugstore?
I always love a good deal, but when it comes to foundation it does not matter about money, it more about the product in the bottle. Most department stores carries different high end brands than what you will find in drugstore and sometimes there is difference immediately or sometimes the drugstore is better than the high end.

Many of the department stores have employees who have been trained in the shade matching and help you. But keep in mind, that even in-store professional are wrong about shade match. Well, you are there do not be afraid to ask for a couple free samples !

If you can't purchase from department store or you rather save money go to drugstore. In my last post "Having Trouble Finding the Right Colour at the Drugstore", I gave you some advice on how you get good drugstore foundation that match you perfectly without all that guessing.

Hope this post was helpful for many of you dolls and gents. I will do later post on the best foundation for each skin type.

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