30 Prom Tips and Tricks

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Hello Dolls and Gents, 

So I know that the proms are coming up or some have already happen. My cousin prom is this June and I was thinking about my prom and wishing that I have done some things differently. Like my eyebrows were not on point, I wish I could change my hairstyle, wish I could add contour, highlight, and blush. But regardless, I enjoyed my prom and my prom date was my friends. Here is some photos of my prom photos: 


 So now that I have gone down memory lane, let me tell you the tips and tricks. 


  1.  Bring a picture of the back of your dress to the salon so that your hairstylist can help you decide what ‘do looks best
  2. Wear a button-up shirt to your hair appointment so that you don’t mess up your hairstyle when you go to change
  3. No good with a curling iron? Sleep in rags, velcro rollers, or flexible no-heat rollers to get a tendril-y ‘do.
  4. Avoid huge hair color changes (think brunette to platinum blonde) the day of or day before prom in case you're displeased with the result
  5. Turn to YouTube for easy hair tutorials you can do yourself. It'll save you some money for the rest of your prom budget!
  6. Use a flexible hairspray on your curls so they don't look crunchy and dry.
  7. Apply a root-boosting spray or a blow-dry spray from your roots to midway down the hair to give your hair extra volume when blow-drying.
  8. To keep curls bouncy, “spot-spraying” as opposed to spraying your entire head. This consists of individually spraying one curl at a time.
  9. Keep an umbrella in your car or a shower cap in your bag in case of an unexpected shower or bout of humidity.
  10. Spritz in hair fragrance (yes, they exist!) for a subtle approach to perfume.Your hair will smell amazing and the powerful scent or standard perfume won't overwhelm you.

        Makeup and Skin
  1. Apply lip liner to lessen the chance of your lipstick smearing onto your skin during the night.
  2. Further protect your lipstick by applying a primer or setting it with foundation before lining and filling in with pigment
  3. Try a spray deodorant that applies dry and clear to avoid getting marks on your dress
  4. Quickly absorb oils on your face with easy-to-pack blotting pads.
  5. Keep a perfume rollerball in your clutch for a quick and discrete perfume touch-up during the night
  6. Keep your makeup in place with a setting spray
  7. Apply your false eyelashes underneath your own (instead of on-top) to keep them looking super real and natural.
  8. Do a trial run of your makeup look the day before. Try on that lipstick shade to make sure it doesn’t clash and pinpoint any problems so that you don't have to do damage control on the day of prom.
  9. Apply shimmer or highlighter to your décolletage for added iridescence.
  10. Make sure your makeup brushes are cleaned before you start applying your products for prom. This will help you get the best finish possible.

  1. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet before slipping into your prom sandals.
  2. Pick a gel manicure instead of a regular polish to ensure no chipping
  3. Doing your nails by yourself? Before painting your tips, you should make sure your nails are super clean and buffed so that the polish adheres well
  4. Top coat is a beauty essential. It will help prolong your manicure, protecting it from chipping, smudging, and wear and tear
  5. Skip the French mani! There are so many other cool options out there! If minimal is your thing, try a negative space mani or a nude color instead
  6. Stick to two layers of the nail lacquer color you desire so your nails fully dry
  7. Don’t forget to use a base coat before using the color you picked. This will give a pop to your color and will help your polish last longer
  8. Keep hand lotion nearby or in your handbag and practice regularly moisturizing so that your hands are ready to show off that new manicure on prom night
  9. Matching your nail color to your dress is all fine and good, but it’s not exactly thinking outside the box. Try a contrasting yet complimentary hue for a look that REALLY pops
  10. Obviously you want your hands to be clean, but be weary of drying out your hands by over-washing or over-applying hand sanitizer

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