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Hello, Dolls and Gents

Today I decided to help many of you out, by talking about my favourite drugstore finds. I feel when it comes to the drugstore, it is rather a hit or miss, but there are some amazing gems in the drugstore that no high-end makeup can beat. I also know that many of the products that are in America does not come out the all at the same time in the rest of the world. I swear Canada is always last for new products. Here are my top 10 favourite drugstore finds. 

10. Maybelline SuperStay 24HR Foundation 

This foundation is truly a gem. Finding a full coverage foundation at the drugstore in Canada in my shade is a mission on its own. I picked this foundation up at random, hoping that the colour would match me like a dream and like me tell you it does. It applies beautifully on the skin and provides beautiful coverage. 

9. L'oreal True Match Foundation 

This foundation is truly all the rave. Purchase this foundation from Amazon. Though it is not in my right shade that blends in beautifully with my skin. It does provide an amazing coverage, it the foundation you can wear for a everyday use because it does not feel heavy on the skin. 

8. Maybelline The Nudes Palette 

This eyeshadow palette gives me life.I purchase this palette at Wal-Mart. It a perfect palette for anyone beginning in makeup. It has perfect blends of cool, warm, and neutral tone eyeshadow. Plus, every neutral palette needs a black eyeshadow and this has it. 

  7. NYC Eyeliner/Brow Pencil 


This brow pencil is amazing. I bought this pencil at Shopper Drug Mart after using my mom's. First off, it is a long brow pencil and it will take a well to finish this pencil. The pencil is pigmentated and is a true colour, unlike other companies. 

  6. Milk of Magnesia   


This is my ride or die primer for my combo/oily skin. I purchase this at Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart, or any grocery store. This truly helps control my oily skin, especially my nose. I used this every time I have an event to go to or when I just want my foundation to last longer. When I wear this I don't have to blot for about 4-6 hours, which to me is truly amazing. 

5. NYC Liquid Liner 


This liquid eyeliner has restored my faith in eyeliner. When I first got an eyeliner like this, I found it so difficult to apply, so I throw it out and swore to myself I would never buy eyeliner like this again. But when I was at Target and I saw this, I thought it was cheap first off and I have watched Youtubers use this and it was crazy pigmented. I am so glad I bought this, this is it, I will forever be repurchasing until it is discontinued. 

 4. Essence Gel Liner

This gel eyeliner, OMG. For a gel eyeliner that was only $3.00 it was crazy pigmentated and creamy it was. I purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart, that is where Essence is carried. I truly loved how it was creamy, truly matter, easy to work with and lasted a long time, though I haven't repurchased yet, I loved it the first time. The great thing is that you can purchase the liner brush for this eyeliner which is great for many beginners. 

3. NYC Ultra Moist Lipstick in Mahogany 

I do not understand why people do not talk about this colour. It a gem in the lipstick range. This colour can be worn on different complexions and it pulls off different on everyone. It is a deep brown with a red undertone, so you get that vamp deep brown-red colour for the fall and winter season. This was my signature lip in the fall and winter. You can get this at Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Wal-Mart. 

2. Ruby Kisses Mineral Pressed Powder 


This pressed powder blow all the other pressed powders, I have tried. When I got this powder it was a recommendation for findation from inputting my Sephora Color IQ, it in a previous blog post. When I went to my local beauty supply store and saw the colour, I was like okay like give it a try. It matches me beautifully and when I wear it, I always get "Wow, your skin looks so clear, what skincare product do you use". 

1. Maybelline Rocket Mascara  

And number one is.....Maybelline Rocket Mascara. I LOVE this mascara so much, it is crazy. When I try to use different mascara, I always run back to this one because it gives so much volume and my lashes are pretty full and give me some length, but not too much. I really lovethis mascara and I want everyone to go purchase it. 

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  1. I know, why is Canada like the last place to get new products. We should get the same release date as America.

    1. I know, I don't understand why that is so. Like come on, American companies we are important as well. lol :)